100 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

100 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Have you ever tried writing cause and effect essay topics? Well, here you’ll find different items for every college student. They are straightforward and quite simple. Interestingly a good number of them are taught just in class. Also, they are easy to find through a simple Google search. We have taken the liberty of listing them in different categories to enhance your search!

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Historical Events

Our history is one which is rich with exciting events. Some of the fun cause and effect essay topics that you could dive into include:

  1. What Were The Consequences Of The 1stWorld War?
  2. What Led To The Rise Of The 2nd World War?
  3. Effects Of The Nazi Reign In Germany And Austria-Hungary.
  4. What Were The Causes Of The Rwandan Genocide?
  5. Causes Of Ignorance, Poverty, And Disease In Post Colonial Africa.
  6. What Led To The Collapse Of The Berlin Wall?
  7. What Were The Causes Of The Agrarian Revolution?
  8. What Were The Effects Of The Cuban Missile Crisis?
  9. What Led To The End Of World War 2?
  10. Effects Of The Growth Of Democracy In Africa.

Causeand Effect Essay Topics on Governance and Politics

It is important to understand how government functions. Going through a variety of cause and effect essay topics would quickly give you a firm foot in this venture. Some topics include:

  1. What Causes The Government To Withhold Critical Information From The Public?
  2. What Were The Effects Of Having The First Black President Of The United States?
  3. What Causes People To Elect Incompetent Leaders?
  4. What Made The United Kingdom Opt To Leave The European Union?
  5. What Are The Effects Of Corruption In A Growing Nation?
  6. Effects Of The Trump Presidency On The Life Of American Citizens?
  7. What Led To The Defeat Of The Democrats In The Last American Election?
  8. What Led To The Creation Of The Magna Carter?
  9. Why Should Politicians Continue Using Social Media Avenues To Communicate To The People?
  10. How Has The British Monarchical System Shaped Development In The Country?

Popular Cause and Effect Essay Topics Associated With Economics

The world of economics contains various popular cause and effect essay topics. While some may see them as pretty complicated, they are some of the most straightforward article ideas you’ll ever come across. They include:

  1. How Did The World Suffer From The Global Economic Crisis Of 2008?
  2. Effects Of Seeking Early Retirement Packages.
  3. What Were The Causes Of The Second Industrial Revolution?
  4. How Did The United States Reach To The Great Economic Depression?
  5. What Were The Positive Economic Effects Of The African Colonialism Period?
  6. What Led To The Formation Of The European Union?
  7. What Has Led To The Growth Of The African Union?
  8. What Makes China One Of The World’s Economic Super Powers?
  9. How Did The Rwandan Economy Suffer From The Genocide?
  10. Effects Of Advertising On The Average Rate Of Consumer Spending!

Cause and Effect Essay Topics Dealing With Natural Sciences

Ever wondered how the world came into existence? The following cause and effect essays that should help you have a clear answer:

  1. What Were The Consequences Of The Dinosaur Extinction?
  2. What Causes The Formation Of Diamond?
  3. What Are The Effects Of Naturally Occurring Calamities?
  4. What Causes The Stranding Of The Great White Whales?
  5. How Does Doing Exercises Improve Different Cognitive Abilities?
  6. How Did Discovering Fire Change The Life Of Man?
  7. What Led The Early Man To Discover Fire?
  8. What Advantages Did The Invention Of Farming Tools Have On The Life Of The Old Man?
  9. How Has Technology Changed Our Weather Forecasting Methods?
  10. Why Do Bears Swim So Quickly In Water?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics about Animals and The Environment

Our environment is the most critical factor that ensures our day to day survival. The following cause and effect essay topics about animals and the environment should show you why it’s important to conserve the environment:

  1. What Causes Air Pollution In The City?
  2. The Main Reasons Behind Water Pollution.
  3. Why Do Developing Countries Suffer From Disease?
  4. Causes Of Deforestation InAfrican Countries.
  5. How Has Snow Affected Crop Production In The United States?
  6. The Shocking Truth Behind The Rise In Global Warming In The World.
  7. Some Of The Interesting Effects Of The Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy On Environment And Nature!
  8. What Are The Causes Of Global Warming On The Lives Of The People Today?
  9. Drought And Famine: Investigating Their Real Reasons!
  10. What Causes Bush Or Forest Fires In Our Natural Environment?

Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

There are also different cause and effect ideas that deal with the development of technology. Which are these? Well, here is a simple list of the technology cause and effect essay topics:

  1. Why Are Most People Choosing To Sell Their Products Online?
  2. Effects Of Increasing Use Of Social Media By Politicians.
  3. What Causes The Internet To Flourish In A Growing Nation?
  4. Some Of The Effects Of Improved Business Communication.
  5. Here Is Why You Should Start Watching Movies Online.
  6. What Are The Effects Of Having A Blog In A Growing Economy?
  7. Why Should You Use Social Media To Market Your Products?
  8. How Does Using Mobile Phones Improve The Productivity Of A Country?
  9. Why Should You Operate An Online Business?
  10. Why Are Smartphones So Popular Today?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students and Families

Different issues are affecting both students and their family members. Some of the cause and effect essay topics for college students include:

  1. Positive Effects Of A Good Education On Children.
  2. What Causes Divorce In A Marriage?
  3. Causes Of The Increase In Single Parents In Developing Countries.
  4. Why Are There So Many Children Living In The Streets Today?
  5. Why Should Parents Seek Counselling Instead Of Divorce?
  6. Effects Of Increased Sibling Rivalry In The Growth Of A Family.
  7. Why Should Parents Keep Tabs On Their Teenage Children?
  8. Why Are Couples Lying To Each Other Today?
  9. How Has Money Affected The Growth Of Families?
  10. Reasons Behind Sibling Rivalries.

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Health and Nutrition

Our health is critical. The easy cause and effect essay topics touching on our food are simple and reliable for academic success. They are:

  1. Reasons Why Smoking Is Dangerous.
  2. Effects Of A Good Morning Exercise.
  3. Causes Of Increased Stress On The Healthy Function Of The Heart.
  4. Reasons Why Processed Foods Should Be Abolished From The Counter!
  5. Why Are Vegetables More Healthy Than Proteins?
  6. The Number Of Asthmatic Children Has Risen: Here Is The Shocking Truth!
  7. Why Are There So Many Positive Effects Of Vaccination?
  8. hat Are The Effects Of Allergies On The Lives Of School Going Children?
  9. Why Should We Eat The Right Kind Of Animal Protein?
  10. How Families Of HIV/AIDS Patients Suffer Emotionally.

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics Touching On Education

Education is one of the fundamental pillars of a growing economy. Some of the good cause and effect essay topics on college education include:

  1. What Causes Teachers To Issue Significant Assignments To Their Students?
  2. What Are The Effects Of Home Schooling On The Development Of A Young Mind?
  3. Why Do Students Experience Burnout?
  4. Why Do We Have Several Students Dropping Out From School?
  5. Reasons Why Parents Are Unable To Pay School Fees?
  6. The Effects Of Examination Cheating On Your Credit Score.
  7. Effects Of Increased Bullying In Schools.
  8. Adverse Effects Of Not Educating Your Child.
  9. Why Should We Use Online Resources To Teach Students?
  10. Effects Of Social Media On The Academic Progression Of A Young Student.

Simple Cause and Effect Essay Topics Dealing With Social Issues

What is affecting our society? Find out by going through this list of simple cause and effect essay topics on some unusual social issues:

  1. What Causes The Increase In Popularity Of Violent Videos?
  2. Why Are Comic Book Movies Growing?
  3. What Are The Real Effects Of Weather On The Mood Of The People?
  4. What Causes Some People To Have An Inferiority Complex?
  5. What Makes People Buy Pets?
  6. What Are The Real Reasons Behind Carrying Brand Loyalty?
  7. What Are The Causes Of Moving From The Countryside To The City?
  8. What Causes Most Teenagers To Have Small Social Circles?
  9. Effects Of School Life On Children Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress
  10. Causes Of Increased Sexism Especially In The Work Place.


The above cause and effect essay topics should quickly improve your essay writing experience. They ensure that you have a wealth of experience when the chance comes for you to write such as an essay. Why should you fail?