Ecotourism Essay

Ecotourism Essay

Writing an essay on ecotourism could be a laborious task which requires you to hire a professional but you can also execute it perfectly on your own in the professional-standard. Here we will endeavor to explain the procedures and steps that lead to an ecotourism essay with professional-standard quality.

Writing an essay about ecotourism requires a lot of research and effort on the part of the writer. If you as the writer of the essay aim to impress the examiner, you have to put in a whole lot of work. You need to carefully consider the topic at hand - ecotourism and how well you can properly do justice to it. Ecotourism essay writing involves you to examine, analyze, interpret and intelligently codify the relevant information you garner from research. Apart from getting the A+ grade, your ecotourism essay can be published in various kinds of periodicals from magazines and newspapers to literary journals and blogs. So, it is important that in addition to having excellent content, you also articulately express the flow and logic of your thoughts by maximizing template for writing an essay.

Ecotourism essay definition

An ecotourism essay follows the same pattern as other written essays. It is a written composition where you express your specific thoughts on the idea of ecotourism and then back it up with statements, facts, explanations, and analysis. In writing an essay about ecotourism, you compose your set of ideas on ecotourism coherently, analyze information and eventually form an opinion on all you've written on ecotourism.

Your ecotourism essay writing will be evaluated on the basis of its content, clarity, structure, grammar, lexis and how well you've been able to develop your ideas. The standard of your ecotourism essay is determined by how clear and well-structured it is. Your essay should truly reflect the ecotourism essay and should also include your stance on the subject matter of ecotourism.

Before picking up your pen and pad for actual essay writing

It is very tempting to just do it - to just start writing but that might end up as a disaster as there are some important steps you need to take before you start working on your essay. By executing these beginning steps, you'll have a strong foothold on the essay writing process.

  • Time planning: It is very crucial that you plot out a scheduled time to approach writing your ecotourism essay. You need to set out time to effectively research and brainstorm. It is also important that you draft out the time for the actual writing process. Good ideas do not just come by; consider ecotourism from different possible angles. Rest, space out time and then go back to it. By planning your writing time, you'll not have to do rush work when the deadline approaches.
  • The Essay Question: As obvious and trivial as this might sound, it is a very important aspect of your ecotourism essay writing. You have to comprehend the full implications of the essay question you are tasked with. It is only by understanding the question that you'll be able to determine the type of essay you are required to write. Does the essay question require you to "tell a story” as in a narrative essay, to "describe” and paint a picture of it, or just "state” facts as in an expository essay? The question could require you to "argue” to write ecotourism for and against essay. This kind of ecotourism for and against essay where you state out facts that either convince the reader to support or oppose ecotourism is known as an argumentative essay.
  • Systematic Planning: Your research on ecotourism should not be general, it should be specific to what's required. And that's why you need to first structure your thoughts by creating an outline or a diagram to help you see connections in your ideas. Your essay should have a trajectory point, that is from what point are you coming from and how you want to present your ideas. By creating either a well-organized outline or a diagram, your ecotourism essay will be better organized.

After creating your outline, the next action is for you to develop a thesis statement. Don't be lost; your thesis statement simply tells your readers the whole point of your essay. The main ideas on your outline should determine your thesis statement. The thesis statement should be divided into the topic of your essay for ecotourism and then the essay point.

Furthermore, you should determine how much research is needed for the essay. This way you won't go off-point while writing. How many articles and books will you be needing? What schools of thought will you be subscribing to? Are there visual/audio resources you need to utilize? You need to systematically identify and use your primary and secondary sources of data.

  • Organization: After amassing sufficient data in your research to start writing, you should then consider the structure of your ecotourism essay. The structure carries the same mars (if not higher) as the content of the essay. As you are aware, the basic format for an essay is its introductory paragraph, body (main) section, and the conclusion. You can expand on the main section with different points and themes on different headings.

Actual ecotourism essay writing: the structure of the essay

As you start writing on your essay for ecotourism, the rudiments of writing the essay should be at the back of your mind.

The introduction

The beginning paragraph of your essay is of paramount importance as you have to make a serious impact in these first few lines. This is because most essay readers and examiners judge the quality of the entire essay based on what they find in the introduction. The introduction should not only bring your reader into an understanding of what the essay intends addressing, but it should also capture the reader's attention. The introduction to your ecotourism essay should be so interesting and captivating that even a reader who is hearing of "ecotourism” for the first time will want to learn more and continue reading. Your introductory paragraph should be concluded with your thesis statement (check out the above definition of the thesis statement).

The body of the essay

This is the main section of your essay. It is an open floor where your outlined ideas can be fully expressed; each of your outlined main ideas should become either a heading with sub-headings or a body paragraph. Each of the heading or body paragraphs should be based on the main ideas that support the thesis statement. Start the paragraphs/headings by putting forth your strongest arguments, followed by supporting ideas and then sentences that contain facts, information, evidence or examples.

Ecotourism 101

It is virtually impossible to write the body of an ecotourism essay without at least knowing the basics of ecotourism. Here, we will address the basics of ecotourism.

To start with, what is ecotourism? Ecotourism is simply tourism to parts of the world that are of ecological interest (typically to exotic areas and also to endangered natural environments). Ecotourism is done in a bid to support the efforts towards conservation and observation of wildlife. It involves responsibly traveling to pristine, fragile and protected areas. The purpose could be for education or fostering harmony among different cultures. It ideally incorporates criteria such as; promoting cultural and biological diversity, exploring pristine natural habitats, with fauna and fauna, local culture as main attractions.

Main Principles of Ecotourism

As ecotourism is carried out for environmental conservation and to sustain the local people's well-being. Ecotourism;

  • Should build an awareness of the environment
  • Provides straight financial gains for conservation
  • Should also enable empowerment for the local people
  • Respect and honor local culture
  • Supports democratic movements and human rights like:
  • Promoting ecological utilization of biodiversity through creating and giving jobs to the local population
  • Conserving cultural and biological diversity via protection of the ecosystem
  • Allocating all the socio-economic gains with the indigenous people and local communities. And also getting their informed consent in managing ecotourism initiatives.
  • Tourism to pristine natural resources with the focus on little or zero environmental impact

Advantages of Ecotourism

Environmental Benefits of Ecotourism: It helps in protecting unspoiled environments and natural habitats. Even though the wealth of poorer countries is based on their natural resources, ecotourism ensures that communities and countries are able to successfully build their economies without any harm impacting the environment. As a result, there can be thriving local wildlife and visitors can appreciate unspoiled destinations. A concrete instance of ecotourism helping the environment is in the case of Fiji where it enabled the protection of fishery. Though the fish population collapsed, ecotourism provided jobs like diving guides. And so the protected area allowed the fish population to recover.

Economic Benefits of Ecotourism: Ecotourism creates local jobs as well as income for workers in ecotourism areas. It gives the staff training in different useful skills. Generally, areas where ecotourism is prominent like in Costa Rica where it is an industry, ecotourism brings in more money into the economy. Like in the case of Fiji, ecotourism did not only help the environment, it also doubled the incomes of residents for over five years.

Disadvantages of Ecotourism

  • Undeveloped land might be compromised by the influx of tourists.
  • Some local residents might be displaced.
  • Some urban, upper-class tourists are culturally insensitive to the site and this may further distance the local residents.
  • Ecotourism is prone to instability and disastrous downfalls which could be as a result of global economic instability.

The conclusion of the essay

The conclusion should be the final paragraph of your ecotourism essay. It should reemphasize your thesis statement but the wording used should be slightly different from that utilized in your introduction. Then, the last sentence should communicate to the audience that you have come to the end of your essay. Through your conclusion, you should make it known that you are confident about your stance in the ecotourism essay and the ideas you expressed. It is important that you do not consider your conclusion to be just an "afterthought”. Instead, view it as your last opportunity to adequately represent your case.

Your conclusion should first start with concluding transition remarks such as; in conclusion, in summary, in the end, etc. You can include a two or three sentence review of some of the main ideas expressed in the body of the essay. Having done all these, you can lastly include a "call to action”, "a global statement” or a "recommendation” to mark the end of the essay.

Transitional paragraphs

The first few words as you start a paragraph or heading are important for the overall cohesion and coherence, that is, the interconnectedness of the whole essay structure. These words such as: "furthermore”, "however”, "more so”, "firstly”, "on the other hand”, "in contrast”, "nonetheless”, "in addition”, "finally”, "in conclusion”, are regarded as transitional phrases. These phrases are the hallmark of excellent writing. They show the reader where one section of the essay ends and another starts. Through these phrases, the reader is able to flow with you as you lay out and express different ideas. These phrases ensure that your work is cohesive, not falling apart at the seams. If the next section expresses an additional idea, a conflicting idea, or an entirely different idea from the previous one, you can signify with transitional paragraphs.

In conclusion

After reading this, you might have discovered that writing an ecotourism essay, though not a walk in the park, might not be as stressful as your initial perception. With proper planning, preparation, strategizing and following the proper essay template, you can get that professional-standard quality in your essay. Ensure that all your ideas flow, consider your target audience while writing and do not derail from your thesis statement. Moreover, you do not have to limit the potential of your ecotourism essay to just the desk of your examiner. Think wide, strategize well, schedule your time, execute properly! And your ecotourism essay could even appear on periodicals.