Famous American Writers

Famous American Writers

The famous American writers can be dated back to four-hundred years ago. This is to tell you how American literature has been appreciated in almost every aspect by these outstanding writers. A better way to approach is to look at the individuals periods during which these renowned writers managed to get their works published and though that we can understand best their works of literature.

How about we now go ahead and look at the top critical eras of literature in American history during which some of these notable authors got their works recognized among the popular writings in America.

The Colonial and Early National Period

The famous essayists in this era based their jobs on some of the many encounters during the period starting from the early 17th century. Among the classification of famous essayist ever to live in America, this is where they were first recognized. Some argue this was the groundbreaking moment for essay writing in this state.

The writings were based on the British settlers in North America were looking keenly through history you'd appreciate the robust experience they went through during that period. Indeed, you'd understand that those experiences were worth putting down to paper. Someone else just had to read them and know what they went through during the 17th century. The major focus of these essays and poems by American essayists was the future based on the current events as at then!

Many American pieces of literature were composed mainly of nonfiction narratives. These stories were primarily written and drafted by the settlers who colonized America, which later came to be the current USA.

Let's appreciate a few of these outstanding essays and poems by notable American writers;

  • Ward and Winthrop

These are the exemplary essay writers during the seventeenth century colonial period who wrote mainly on beliefs. It was during this period that religion was a big issue for the colonies and the incoming settlers. The European settlers came with their doctrine of Christianity, and yet at that time, the people of America were already practicing their faith, which was different from that of their colonizers. This created a great rift between the Indian Americans who were then the most considerable population in those colonies and the Britons who practiced Christianity.

Religion being a bone of contention, Ward and Winthrop thought it wise to write about it.

  • Anne Bradstreet

This was as well a famous essay writer who is much remembered for her works on novels and poems. She and others were the founders of today writing traditions in America. Nonetheless, her writings were later on edited in England, but they were based on America's culture in the colonial times. She published a book by the name The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung UP in America. To date, popular essays and poems' writers recognize her notable works.

  • John Smith

You can't stop by a library in Virginia and not bump into a few of the exemplary works by this renowned explorer and later settler. His primary focus was on the events surrounding his tenure as a leader and some of the challenging occurrences in the American exploration. His works were later documented and are to date in American libraries.

Later on, there was a significant shift in leadership. The colonies were abolished, and the likes of John Smith were no longer presidents to the colonies. This came later after America got its independence from Britain in 1776. This brought a remarkable paradigm shift in the writing front with American writers now focusing on the bright future that lies ahead of the nation. Most of the essays and poems by Americans were mainly coached on works previously published in Great Britain. During this period, much of the publications were from Great Britain for America had not established itself quite well to handle its books.

This post-independence era was graced by exemplary famous American writers like;

  • The Federalist Writers

These were the likes of James Madison. These were great writers whose main target was geared towards the grooming the new political America. And well some of their federalist papers were an original inspiration to the then citizens of America and the literature today.

  • Benjamin Franklin

You won't mention American literature without touching on the part of this tremendous and forever will be an influencer. The writer had the people's favor, and this prompted an autobiography on him to be crafted. This story featured some of the enormous American experiences and events during the harsh colonial times.

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