Health Insurance Thesis

Health Insurance Thesis

Notably, health issues are among the growing concerns among the populace of the world. The hospitals are being constructed almost daily to address this concern by providing much-needed health care services. A lot of money is also being put in the acquisition of basic implements that are necessary for giving people health services. A huge budgetary allocation by various governments goes into the health sector, and researchers are deeply entrenched into finding solutions to emerging health challenges so that human beings can lead a healthy life. Not only are the students charged with creating articles on health care but also lovers of writing in general.

One paradox that needs an urgent solution is, however, the insurance aspect of healthcare services. With the high cost of acquiring medical services, the public is concerned about the cost that goes into the health sector in addition to the much they pay in terms of deductions and to the insurance firms. A lot of articles have been written to address the issue of healthcare insurance but the most critical aspect of such essays that either endears the article to the readers or pushes the reads away from reading them is the thesis about health insurance as captured in the papers.

To write good statements about health insurance is a skill that cannot be overlooked, it basically needs one to pay keen attention to some very important details. This, of course, considers the fact that a good thesis statement about health insurance serves some very special purpose. Additionally, it is the thesis statement that guides the writer and his or her readers up to the very end of the article. Think of an article that does not excite you even though you decided to read it based on the good topic or rather the topic of your interest that it had. The major reason as to why you got turned away is because there was nothing exciting or warranting your attention to read the entire document. The missing link, in this case, was either the health insurance thesis statement or a weak one in that matter.

The general purpose of the thesis statement about health insurance is to:

  • Offer guidance to the reader so that they can see the direction the paper is taking.
  • Establish the purpose of the document as articulated by the writer in an argument.
  • Glue the reader to the essay by creating suspense in his or her mind, therefore, he or she will try to find out how the writer solves the tension he has created through the statement about health insurance.
  • State the position or the viewpoint of the writer with regards to the subject of discussion. Good writers in this context have their own opinions which they somehow justify in the body of the essay. Importantly, such viewpoints are informed by facts and can be based on some existing premises.
  • Offering the readers with an opportunity to dispute or critique the document on the basis of the arguments advanced by the writer. This also refers to the health insurance thesis in the document the readers are critiquing and the supportive evidence provided by the writer.

So What is a Thesis Statement for Health Insurance?

A thesis statement is a sentence that establishes the subject of discussion while only covering what is being discussed; in other words, it does not go outside the discussion and the details supporting a discussion in an article. One key aspect of a thesis statement is that it is specific in terms of the audience it addresses. Normally, the statement comes at the very end of the introduction or the beginning paragraph. The purpose which also underlies its definition is that it is used to generate the readers' interest in the topic of discussion. So, a thesis about health insurance is basically a write-up in the first paragraph meant to attract the readers' attention especially those who love atopic on health. In summary, a thesis statement on health insurance does the following:

  • Summarizes the topic of discussion by narrowing it down to a more specific focus of the study
  • Gives a pointer of the entire paper not just for the audience but also for the writer who must adhere to it by offering evidence to its support.
  • Serves as a pointer to the summarizing paragraph of the essay.
  • Gives a great introductory groove to the readers in the starter paragraph and as the last sentence in that paragraph
  • Indicates a position taken by the writer which of course should be later justified to the fullest

Writing a Thesis Statement about Health Insurance

To write a thesis statement on health insurance, the following procedures ought to be followed to the very end:

  • Generate a good topic
  • Use the topic to generate a thesis idea which you must write down
  • Check for facts because a thesis about health insurance cannot be just a statement stating some facts
  • Read and proofread the statements about health insurance aloud to yourself and make adjustments where necessary
  • Write down the final thesis statement for health insurance and submit it to your readers, assessors or colleagues.

1st Step: Generating the Topic for a Health Insurance Thesis

Given that good topics have an impact on the health insurance thesis statement you are writing, remember to work harder and generate several topics to choose from. Health insurance thesis basically hinges on topics that are addressing the health issues and that should be the basis for making your topic count. Generating a great topic also requires research work and comparing and contrasting facts as contained in the documents you will read. Facts will help you generate a good topic. Read widely and come up with a lot of relevant information to use.

Take good note of the fact that health insurance thesis statement transcends mere statement of facts because the audiences would preferably read an engaging article. In this case, if you have opted for the argumentative approach then the thesis statement about health insurance must be very argumentative and curiously engage the readers. Facts presented via some statements are very easy to read and anyone can list facts, but an argument will challenge the mind of the readers and engage them. The essence of a thesis statement about health insurance is to demonstrate the critical thinking capability of the writer beyond stating the facts read. Otherwise, the article would be very dull and not entertaining at all.

2nd Step: Taking a Position Providing and Justification

To make a thesis statement on health insurance very interesting in your essay, be as argumentative as possible by letting the readers know your stand on an issue, this can be formulated in the writer's mind before it is transported through writing into the paper. Given that the audience will challenge claims such as thesis statement for health insurance, write down the supportive facts that you intend to employ as a back-up to the claim you have made in the statement. Remember that the writing could take various forms including persuasion; therefore, generation of an idea for a thesis statement about health insurance ought to intentionally be designed in a way that puts the writer on the same plane with the readers. Any great piece of writing begins from the mind right to read from several sources and then stringing together all the data collected. This is also applicable to a thesis statement about health insurance. Before writing it done and having it as your final argument or point, it has to be conceptualized and put to various mental tests.

3rd Step: Stating the Concept of Thesis about Health Insurance

Having generated the idea and put it down in writing, that task is not yet over because, how the sentence is structured matters a lot. Some sentences do not pass as thesis statements but they instead fill up the paper. While writing a thesis statement on health insurance, remember to keep the statement as concise as possible and avoid redundancies or words that do not present the idea well but instead are just repetitive. A good sentence structure for a thesis about health insurance has a logical flow and is clear. Remember to have one sentence instead of presenting the statement in two or three statements; it is comprehensible for the readers when they have it in a shorter and a one sentence structure.

The sentence should also contain the major points that you are arguing out in the thesis statement for health insurance. If your point be it argumentative or just explanatory with the latter, of course, being a very weak foundation for good statements about health insurance, is to tell about the cost of health care, then the point should not talk of irrelevant facts that take the readers round and round before getting what you are talking about. Use the points to convince the readers by writing it down with some authority and confidence.

4th Step: Revising Health Insurance Thesis Statement

Writing a great health insurance thesis statement is not complete with it just appearing on the paper or as part of the texts. It should be aligned to the theme, the body of the paper and even to the intended conclusion. To achieve this, the writer must try and make only the necessary adjustments without altering the whole concept; otherwise, he or she will have to create a new essay altogether. Writing a thesis statement about health insurance without revising it can lead to serious mistakes that you do not want to factor into your final thesis. After the revision, then you have set a great stride that leaps you to use it and of course reinforcing it with facts and even figures where necessary.

Examples of Writing Weak and Strong Thesis Statement about Health Insurance

Weak Health Insurance Thesis Statement

Health care insurance coverage is very expensive

Well, the thesis statement is weak because it is more like a statement of a fact that an argument or a claim warranting some critique.

Strong Arguable Thesis Statement on Health Insurance

Insurance firms should provide higher compensation for the cancer victims as well as pay for the upkeep of their loved ones who spends their fortune in trying to heal them.

This statement is strong because it raises an argument with the writer categorically claiming that something has to be done by the insurance firms to the victims and the families.

Weak Thesis Statement

Some countries do not offer health coverage to their citizens.

Of course, the statement is not only controversial but it is also more of a restatement of a fact to a major point to argue out.

Strong Thesis Statement

Total budgetary allocation to the health sector by the government is not equal to the amount spent by the patients in the hospitals.

This as a thesis statement for health insurance is strong for the reason that raises arguments and counterarguments. Of course, some will not agree with it and others will thus a debate

Example of a Strong Thesis Statement

The Ministry of Health is of the opinion that cases of yellow fever are on the increase because of the incoming foreigners; however, this theory is not valid. Given that the minister just as much as others come into our country is also a frequent visitor to other countries and as such there is no connection between incoming visitors and yellow fever at all.


Whether it an argumentative or just any other type of essay, the practice of writing stronger thesis statements is paramount. Thesis about health insurance gives a roadmap to the reader to understand what is in the mind of the writer in addition to providing the opportunity to critique the article. The purpose of writing a good thesis about health insurance is to attract the attention of your readers to your article and leave a lasting memory in them. Great stories are told over and over, but boring ones die away from the onset. If the writer aims at having an informative yet entertaining essay on health insurance, then the secret lies with the writing of thesis statement about health insurance that triggers an excellent response from the audience in addition to engaging them.