How to write a compare and contrast essay

How to write a compare and contrast essay

Commonly Asked Questions

Well, the task is characterized by so many questions that students want to understand so that they can hand into their lecturers a fine document. In most cases, students would want to know what is comparing in addition to contrasting when writing a piece. Secondly, they would want to understand the contrastable and comparable aspects that inform an essay. Thirdly, what used does the essay serve anyway? These are questions that, when addressed, then students learn and consequently pass with good grades in their respective colleges.

Accordingly, writers ought to generate a menu bearing amount of diverging and agreeing points plus making decisions to the effect that points of emphasis are visibly spelled. Basically, the requirement for ascertaining the points lie with pausing albeit momentarily and interrogating reasons informing the task to be undertaken. This is commonly referred to as brainstorming which of course may be done independently or in the company of other students.

Well, to compare is to establish the glaring disparities of two aspects whether they are physical quantities or just qualities separating to things plus concurring elements. However, distinguishing remains more or less akin to equating however, it centers on underlying disparities only. Reasons informing engagements in carrying out this task remains purely academic plus knowledge gaining through studying 2 variables. A challenge faced by writers is establishing key points and getting an arrangement that best explains the subject being studied.

Furthermore, agreeing or settling on a title could pose some problems given the article's reliance on a title. Writers do not write for themselves. Writing targets readers. There's indeed a great audience's perception and variation on reception and appreciation of great pieces. Writing memorable articles requires audience analysis first before subsequent steps follow suit. Generally, audiences vary from instructors and students to lovers of articles who read for self-knowledge.

How to write a good compare and contrast essay, therefore, necessitates great skills taking into account several factors and interests. Mathematically, the probability of an action to be appreciated or to occur is exceedingly dependent on the attraction it warrants plus awareness attached to it. Gaining or improving scores for student's implies attracting the attention of the lecturers by doing outstanding work. Ideally, great articles should remain above others and leave an enduring mark.


The organization/arrangement of great pieces starts with having a notion about the matter plus settling on a format. There are several styles that can be adopted but the best ones will stand out. Yes, this is indeed how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay. Various institutions have their own style or recommendations by the professors. Basically, those commonly adopted by such institutions include the ones having starters or what is commonly known as the introductions, the mid-section, and the ending.

No matter the adopted style, students must remember that the requirement is to demonstrate the ties in contents and concepts, to critically think or indulge in the process of researching, as well as to carry out analysis of the content beyond just describing or summarizing them. Notably, intensive synthesis and appreciation great starters are gained via startling information provided immediately in addition to statements outlining a purpose. Readers aren't fascinated by long stories failing to capture specific ideas. How to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay needs a reflection of analogous plus different aspects before writers indicate the proposition.

Recognition of comparable or contrastable aspects within tasks undertaken informs how to write an Introduction for a compare and contrast Essay. While appreciating this assertion, areas listed below provide highlights for instances checking on the resemblances and variations:

  • Equating plus differentiating interpretation of pedagogy book by Paul Frye plus Socrates view,
  • Interpreting plus contrasting the cold war versus World War 1 without forgetting to establish the common aspects shared by the two.
  • Telling the difference between lifestyles in Washington DC and Texas without forgetting to show their variations.

These instances show the variables that can be equated or differentiated. Claiming that subjects must have both contrastable and comparable aspects may not be entirely true. Some titles leave less room for comparison and may present writers with just the commonalities shared. This gain doesn't imply that the title is bad because what informs a great article again is the intended purpose. Headings and introductory lines must, therefore, address these two aspects and divulge to the readers more reasons why they must read the paper.

How to Write a Thesis for a Compare and Contrast essay at the Starter Section

As earlier indicated, the basic rule as applicable to writing articles is the formulation of statements guiding the piece. At no point will it be possible to claim that a piece of writing is great when it has no claim statement. To understand just how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay, the writer must first employ thinking skills necessary for generating one.

Quite often such statements are short, well-articulated, and non-ambiguous plus addressing the focus. If students are presented with topics to choose from, thesis formulation is often left to students. For Instance, topics listed below could require explanations plus something guiding those explanations.

  • Where a focus handles romance, therefore, establishing happy or sad endings, writers must other than establishing disparities plus sameness presented via consequences establish strong proclamation contained within a proposition to drive audiences thus guide them through the assignment. Exactly how for instance will death, life, or wedding relate in addition to affecting the bond?
  • How does war relate plus deviate in relations with peace? A difficult task though! But essentially, readers must be shown the contribution of variables whether dependent or independent through a single sentence robust proclamation.

We've' outlined basic concepts guiding on how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay. Fundamentally, starting lines bear considerable ideas informing other steps.


While paired against a starter, this segment entails creativity at its best; no assumptions or incoherency is permitted at this juncture. A worthy mid-segment of lettering must take into reality various aspects plus styles. Initially, engagements of endeavoring to establish how to write a good compare and contrast essay, essayists ought to bear in their cognizance a logical kind of flow they want to put inside their articles. Essentially, their cognition shouldn't exclude mid-segment's systematic organization. Worthy articles warrant a logical flow of information starting with a brief notion's overview plus in-depth explanation detailing what they imply in mid-segments.

Application of Dissimilar or Equating Aspects in the Mid-Segment

Given that writers are driven by some sort of motives plus devotions, equating Vis a Vis differentiating two things fill mostly the paper's frame. If for instance, the argument where peace is put as better than war, the facts found to validate or strengthen the argument must be backed by pieces of evidence and possibly testimonies while what they have in common is also brought out. The evaluation of both must be clear. Negating aspects that give great emphasis on either the importance of peace or war created isn't good for the body. More so, writers must define new expressions plus thoughts introduced at every mid-segment's subsection without forgetting to substantiate what they mean contextually, while referring to contestations and ideas presented.

How to write a Compare and Contrast essay: Listing Correspondences & Variances for Mid-Segments

Many approaches as mentioned before are employable when creating a decent mid-section. Undoubtedly questions on practicality in applying such approaches are bound to rise. Well, several methods come to play when thinking about the article's structure, especially the middle area. Solutions emanate from among others application of basic suggestions contained herein. Among the acceptable formulae include:

Usage of charts: these offer a graphical representation of figures and statistics. Where several aspects are involved, chats provide useful facts intended to elucidate albeit graphically the key figures in addition to understanding where these aspects vary or share similarities. Charts although mathematical, have been used to present an organized body that point facts without dwelling on unnecessary statements. They are considered as straight forward and easy to comprehend plus being time-saver. A disclaimer, however, lies with the fact that some lecturers or even institutions don't prefer their use given that they limit creativity plus writing skills. However, students can use them to generate facts and explain these facts to the readers in the text format.

Construction of charts is helpful and very efficient in comparing plus contrasting dual items or thoughts. Making set diagrams involves loops that overlap with various considerable items contained within. Centrally placed together are commonalities, thereafter, placing the diverse area's matters that separate the concepts also placed together.

Usage in addition to application of graphs improves how to write a compare and contrast essay because graphs when inserted in between texts create a pattern depicting orderliness within the body plus providing facts and statistical figures that the readers cannot disapprove. Just like the charts, this system may also draw some mixed reactions given that some composition formats do not approve of their usage. Interestingly, graphical illustrations plus ideas presented are extractable and applicable to writing within the mid-segment thus enriching it besides adding content. Notably, any form or work associated with writing must advisably be filled with facts only, nothing less! Elaborating statistical representations in words within the mid-segment of an article shows utmost creativity and writing skills worth every salt. How to write a good compare and contrast essay demands considerations of various factual presentations because students discover facts in addition to relying on existing writings during research.

Towards the tail ending of midsections must present an overview of the entire knowledge. It isn't a summary but a restatement of the concepts so that readers aren't misguided. Advisably, creative plus most effective means by which movements are effected from subsection section to subsection within the mid-segments section is by applying transitions and statements that carry readers smoothly from a single thought to the next. Remember that this isn't to explain how to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay but how to sort out summarization of the midsection.

Ending-Segment/ Summarization

Having comprehended issues concerning the items of the 2 sections and how they ought to be handled, the last part equally plays an important role in adding value to the article. After all, have been read and understood, what then is the writer trying to leave the readers to take home? This is what is addressed by a conclusion. How to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay requires that at this juncture, a restatement of the most significant problems brought forth is done in addition to stating the writer's position on the argument without disregarding the thesis. Basically, it is like validating the writers claim and telling the readers what the essay has established in connection to the contestations. Given that the task was not to weigh only the demerits and the merits of the two things, the writer's position must not be biased but must be pegged on facts traceable within the whole paper.


Common writing skills require consideration of 5 W's and H for it to address in totality the areas of interest by the readers. Establishing the reason means getting the outline right, creating a statement of the thesis that is equally relevant and striking, having a midsection that details all that the readers need to know without compromising the whole argument. There is no definite formula for learning how to write a compare and contrast essay but the basic remains the same, i.e. know, the purpose, the title, the organization, and the ending section.

Getting stuck while trying to come up with an idea shouldn't worry any writer at all. It is a call for brainstorming and consulting because learning requires reflection for writers who are efficient and skillful. Basically, drafting and redrafting all the time is the best approach to consider. Writers once again draw great inspiration from accumulated knowledge informed by revising documents such as these.