How to Write a Globalization Essay

How to Write a Globalization Essay

A globalization essay is one of the most straightforward pieces to write. However, it can also prove to be a challenging task to those with a blurred format of a global essay outline. Just like with most essays, the introduction, body, and conclusion structure is applicable.


  1. The introduction is the frontline of an essay, try to be brief, precise and captivating to the reader.
  2. Provide clear points on the topic of discussion with utmost relevance to your objectives.

Body Paragraphs

  1. Dissect the main points extensively to enlighten the reader.
  2. Ensure that what you discuss in every body paragraph is an extension of the thesis statement.


  1. The conclusion is pretty natural to write. Remember, some readers only go through the introduction and conclusion. You need to be precise and give a brief summary of what was discussed in the body paragraphs.
  2. The reader will also want to know the opinion of the writer on the article he/she has just written. This makes the reader bound to have his or her ideas too.

The following is a sample essay on globalization:

A Sample Essay on Globalization

The Causes and Effects of Globalization

Globalization is a household name and a trending topic. It dramatically affects our existence worldwide. It involves the day to day integration of economies all over the continents. If you have ever witnessed people trading and making economic decisions instantly and sometimes harmoniously, yet they come from the far corners of the world, then you witnessed globalization. Technology has advanced globalization to an extent people forget their geographical barriers and even forget globalization itself. Today, trade is enjoying the fruits of globalization. Goods and services are transported to their destinations in a matter of hours unlike before where goods and services could be transported for days, weeks, months, and even years due to the geographical barriers.

The most appreciated achievement of globalization today is the internet. It has changed the world in a mysterious way. It has revolutionized the way things are done. Relevant decisions concerning global welfare by world leaders, business people, and scientists that include the social, economic, and political state of the world that could take hours, days, weeks, months, and years to make can now be made in a matter of seconds. Globalization has done away with the distance barrier redefining the mode of communication so that you can speak with someone comfortably no matter the location of the recipient.

Migration is also another benefit of globalization. It has immensely changed the economy of the known developing countries that are now trending to be established. Through the convenience of globalization, migrants looking for greener pastures have relocated to developed countries. Annually, they send money via communication channels and technological systems to their families back in the developing nations. The methods have come as a result of globalization. World Bank estimated close to 223 billion US dollars that were sent to developing countries in 2005 by immigrants living in the developed countries.

In this globalization essay example, the traditional terminologies on globalization are presented:


This is the process of integration of the various economies in the world. It also involves a combination of social, political, and international trade. Integration has been made accessible through advanced technologies and communication systems. Communication systems have made the spreading and sharing of ideas so fast that decision-making processes now take place within a blink of an eye. Before the emergence of globalization, communication used to be the most notorious barrier for international integration until a universal communication system was brought into play. Language is no longer an issue because these communication systems translate unfamiliar words into a familiar language that one is comfortable with.

Economic Globalization

Ever heard of the world becoming a global market? Globalization has triggered the unilateral decision made by world leaders to do away with several restrictions on the various national trade markets in order to come up with a homogenous market. This is now possible; the countries are greatly interlinked and interdependent when it comes to trade. The movement of goods and services has significantly improved. It is now possible for an employee to work in a different country and stay in their country. These are the fruits of globalization when it comes to the economy.

Below are the effects of globalization presented in this essay about globalization:

  1. Industrial: The expansion of worldwide markets has increased tremendously since the conception of globalization. The movement of goods and services to the market and increased purchases have led to increased production of products and increased recruitment of services. It is estimated that manufacturing of products in all industries has exceeded the amount of products manufactured in 1955 by more than 100 times.
  2. Financial: The increase in the global market has seen an upsurge of financial demand to support the expansion of these global markets. Banks have developed thanks to the conception of globalization. People can now borrow money either physically or online to finance and facilitate the movement of their products in the market. Loans are now easily accessible.
  3. Economic: In this sector, people have seen the demerits of globalization. Because of the freedom of markets, industries exploit them by relocating to a business environment that suits them best. Some notorious industries have a reputation of flocking to countries with the least regulations on pollution. They like a nation whose employees are satisfied with lower wages yet can work even during overtime hours. These industries like areas where the production costs are low and the demand is high, yet market prices are above the ceiling.
  4. Job Market: Before the advent of globalization, employees’ economic fates were tied down to the individual economy of their host nation. Currently, with the prospects of globalization including advanced communication and rapid transfer of information, workers’ fates are no longer tied to an individual economy.
  5. Competition: It has become advanced thanks to globalization. Due to stiff competition, companies are struggling each day to inject new ideas and technologies into the production of goods and services. A lazy company is phased out. The effects of competition result in the production of reliable, quality products.
  6. Cultural: Globalization has diversified cultural practices. It has led to the emergence of a new “world culture” where people are focused on lifestyle. The obsession to acquire every new thing invented in the world is nowadays people’s desire. People want to be the trending headlines on social media with followers talking about the expensive and flashy things an individual owns.
  7. Ethical: Globalization has led to the creation of an international judicial system where the international criminal court can pass a verdict on world offenders. Nations can now work together to arrest criminals and present them to the international criminal court for prosecution.


Globalization is an immense tool of growth and prosperity. It requires proper harnessing of its merits and strategic prevention of its demerits.

Since globalization has its equal share of merits and demerits, an author writing a globalization pros and cons essay should bring them out clearly, and we have done this in this sample paper.