How to Write a Personal Essay

How to Write a Personal Essay

From the look of things, writing an article is not as difficult as it seems. As you will realize, all it takes to create a great personal essay is to reflect on one's left and let the ideas to flow out coherently. But even in the flow of things, it is essential to appreciate that all essay writing involves time and creativity. It is imperative to invest a lot of time in doing some research to establish what should go into the essay. Well, it is essential that the author gives a clear description of the scenes or experiences. Also, this is a point whereby the writer should provide evidence via the writing that he or she is highly capable, therefore qualified for the vacancy. The best approach, in this case, would be memorable events such as fear of the swimming pool, and so on.

Indeed there are a lot of important topics that a writer can consider when creating this type of essay such issues are those that mean a lot to the writer, and they are listed as follows:

  • Intimacy
  • Consideration
  • Hatred
  • Comradeship
  • Rivalry
  • Competition
  • Background
  • Guidance
  • Faults
  • Experiences in life

Indeed there are more topics than an author can think of and freedom to adopt whichever topic deemed appropriate is granted. Use of the writer's intuitive skills and high mental input will help. In other words, imaginative skills will guide the writer in making a good choice with regards to the topic.

So, how do we create a personal essay? We also need to ask how do we begin the writing itself so that we can end up with an excellent article? We will tackle the second question well within this article, but the first thing to remember is that the item has three critical components that are:

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion

An Outline for a Personal Essay

Every great essay begins with a great framework. Such a structure forms the foundation upon which the essential points are put. The purpose of a personal essay outline is to help the author have an organization of the idea he or she wants to put in the article. In this case, the framework for a personal essay should contain information that without any doubt, endears him or her to the readers. The basic rule requires that a personal essay writing contains five sentences in every section or paragraph. In other words, this is a formula that is known as five by five. While the writer considers the application of this golden rule, it is imperative that he or she remains considerate by exercising honesty and openness. With that observed, the chances are that the audiences will appreciate the writer and by extension, the document itself.

Importantly creation of the outline demands that the writer should address the concerns that bedevil him or her and the address the fears too. Additionally, the author should not forget to anchor the idea around some emotional appeal. Realistically, writing about things that are considered to be intimate would take great courage, however, stories that show our success, the goals we have set in our lives, and the dreams we harbor will be critical and easy to write.

To enjoy our article, we will have to create an equally good outline. The item will contain a list of things that are of inspiration to us. Such sources of inspiration pan from athletes to community leaders, books to memories, places to events we participate in, family members to great friends, and so on. These points are essential when it comes to crafting the paragraphs within the essay outline.

The introduction section of this type of essay should be very entertaining, to say the least. The information within this part should be enough to warrant readership and hook the audience. Remember to begin the section with personal statements.

Borrowing ideas from the celebrities and video films we love may not be the ideal way to go about creating the article; however, if we chose to use ideas gotten from such sources, it is advisable that the ideas should be reflective of our lives. Notably, an icon could be having similar traits that we have, and for that reason, it is only imperative that we use those specific characteristics and nothing else. If we spot more similarities, it is essential that we list them down and use them creatively in our essay. The essay outline should also be written in an acceptable style.

Such include;

The body for the framework should also be very straight to the point and should, in this case, be as concise as possible with points listed. It is important to remember that an outline body is not the section that gives detailed information about the article, but it instead contains a condensed version of the paper.

The conclusion, on the other hand, must summarize the points present to them, albeit in brief. The summary for an outline also lists the points. Some of the points covered in this section include a reminder of the writer's personal experiences, a claim about the topic, and other important information that the writer considers worth reminding his or her readers.

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • ACS
  • Harvard

Personal Essay Structure

With the experience of writing assignments for other courses a student undertakes in a college, one will realize that there is no significant difference in the structure and organization of the personal essay and other essays. As outlined in the above paragraphs, the personal essay structure should follow a similar structure. The organization should be such that there is an introduction, a body, and similarly a conclusion.

Personal Essay Writing: Introduction

The writer should approach this section with great care and ensure that he or she applies attractive words or statements that grab the attention of the reader. The part should equally offer an opportunity to tell the readers something special that they don't know about the writer and its treatment is such that it uses

Famous Quotes

This is an exciting way of galvanizing the interest of the reader to the personal essay article to ensure that they read it and get the information. Well, to put the essay in a high position that warrants some keen attention from the reader, the secret lies with the usage of appropriate quotes, and they should be from reputable sources. Personal essay writing should expose the writer's ability to move a message by fusing a quote besides ensuring that there is a connection of that particular quote to the main text within the essay. Among the sources that are quoted include politicians, artist, musicians, scholars, authors, and business personalities.

The Use of Facts and Statistics

These are information that is credible and are represented through figures that have been either scientifically generated through some research methods or reference to data that are in the public domain. Introducing a personal essay by letting the reader know of percentages representing a particular issue will be ideal in as far as drawing their interest in the article is concerned

Use of Terms that are Considered Literary

These terms are defined as the styles and techniques as well as formatting patterns that a writer uses to deliver. They help the writer to put emphasis, embellishment, or to tighten their personal essay to fit the purpose for which it is intended.

Use of Similes and Metaphors

These are two distinct words that are critical in delivering a great introduction for a personal essay. In as much as they are normally used, the writer should realize that they are different. Terms such as ‘like' are used in similes when comparing things, but metaphor state the writing without necessarily using the word.

Use of Anecdotes and Jokes

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