How to Write an Informative Essay: Simple Guides

How to Write an Informative Essay: Simple Guides

It is imperative to understand why we write informative essays and what such an essay is all about. Essentially, an informative essay is an article that serves to pass given information to the audience or the readers so that they can get to appreciate the value it adds to their knowledge. It comes from the word ‘to inform' which means to let know of something unknown previously.

Because people are generally curious and they want to learn about something new, this particular need is fulfilled by an informative essay which offers insight on the topic of discussion. To pull this through, the writer needs to understand basic concepts that inform an informative article including informative essay topics, informative essay outline and check out for the informative essay examples as contained in other sites by other writers.

Better Understanding of an Informative Essay

To further explain this type of writing, it is defined as an article that exposes, readers to information or data that they are not privy to through writing articles. It mostly cast light on a subject or topic as an educational piece and it is not argumentative. The writing is further not meant to persuade the readers or alter their opinions on the subject but to add more knowledge to what they already know or to enable them to learn about something new. Among the best characteristics of good informative essays is its ability to inspire people to think more, its ability to interest the readers and lastly its ability to complement knowledge areas without alienating the reader.

An Explanation of an Informative Essay Writing

Notably, there is no particular style or shape that can be given priority as the best when it comes to writing an informative essay but what is most critical is the fact that the purpose of the article is to provide new information to the reader in addition to educating him or her. When writing an informative essay, the following are some of the most critical steps to put into consideration:

  • Settling on a topic for discussion. This is then followed by carrying out intensive research on areas bearing information that the writer intends to pass to the readers through the article. Equally, it is imperative to note that the informative essay topics must be researchable to allow for the collection of rich information and not just data to fill up the paper.
  • Information gathering entails great organization and adoption of the right format that respects the rules of writing. During information gathering, it is essential to separate information into two forms, namely those that the writer has more knowledge about and those that he or she will need to inquire on further.
  • Generating or coming up with a content map is equally important in identifying the key points that will go into the body of the informative essay in addition to helping the writer to add more relevant points. Mapping out the crucial contents is also helpful when it comes to organizing the points that the writer will want to appear in the final paper and their order or arrangement. At this point, it is imperative to jot the topic sentence for each point chosen to appear on the final
  • Coming up with an informative essay outline is also vital at this juncture to aid in organization and logical flow of the ideas. It serves as the map or point of reference for the writer as they embark on writing the informative essay. Form the first draft to the final informative essay writing, and it is vital to take note of the fact that the outline informative essay outline will guide the writer all through.
  • Editing the informative essay is the final step. Here, the writer checks out for the possible errors and writing mistakes he or she may have in the document. Additionally, this particular stage is critical, and it calls for the services of the writer's peers or friends to check through the work so that they can identify the mistakes either in grammar, punctuation or sentence structure.

The critical point to remember is that the purpose of the informative essay is to allow the writer to share with his or her audience topics and ideas that are complex in a much simpler way.

The Format of an Informative Article

Notably, several steps are at the disposal of the writer, and he or she can choose the most appropriate when writing an informative essay. Basically, the standardized step factors in the following three approaches:

  1. Topic selection preceded by proper research with regards to the points the writer wants in his or her article
  2. Coming up with an informative essay outline. This is also known as the template for informative essay
  3. Writing process that involves the creation of the first draft and eventually the final paper

1. Topic Selection for an Informative Essay

Among the essential requirement at this level include the writer's ability to understand the purpose of the research he or she is doing. It is indeed vital to have a picture or generally an idea about the assignment so that the topic selection becomes more effortless. Students are likely to get some help from their lecturers who give them the research areas or topics, but this might not be the case for someone who writes for fun or not undertaking the task as an assignment. There are several informative essay topics online that one can access through the search engines. The writer can consider this option.

Also, the topic choice will be affected by the relevant sources considered for usage, the format that the recipient of the article requires. For example, if it is an assignment by the college, you will notice that some institutions prefer a particular writing style and format in addition to the font and size of the font. The date of submission is also important because it determines how first the writer needs to identify the topic and start working on it. Stringent deadlines can lead to bad choices in terms of the informative essay topics, and for this reason, create sufficient time to decide on the best item to write about.

  • Choosing Suitable and Most Effective Informative Essay Topics

When settling on the best topic for the paper, among the most important considerations to make, including some aspects of the subject such as:

  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Width, e., you need to ask yourself if sufficient points support the topic. This implies that it should neither be too narrow or too broad but should help the writer to narrow down his or her thoughts.
  • Attention-catching: it is crucial to consider the readers or the recipient of the essay by choosing a topic that will be of interest to them and will draw their attention to the paper otherwise they will not read it or even spare time for it. In your mind, as the writer, it is advised that audience analysis should be the first thing to carry out even before the writing or choice of topic is initiated.
  • The writer is also suggested not to forget about themselves as the topic is chosen. Topics that are of interest are easy to write about and have an extra motivational factor as compared to those that are boring to the writer.
  • Researching for the Topical Points

Writing an informative essay is not complete without providing factual and relevant information in the paper. In this case, the writer must interrogate various sources and extract as much information as possible. The data collected in this case must be credible and verifiable. Nothing is as wrong as misleading the readers by giving them false or fake information. This means that the sources to a higher degree matters. Whatever the research method applied, the informative essay must remain ethical and back its information by evidence.

During the research, books, the internet, academic journals, and newspapers can be used. Remember that the internet might contain questionable information, and for that reason, the researcher must only use websites and sites that are approved as credible.

  • Note Taking

The information that goes into the article one is writing comes from the research he or she has done. It is therefore essential to carry with oneself a book and write as much as possible the critical points cited in the course of the study. More so, note taking helps the writer to refer each time they explain the topic, and it is not coming out very vividly. Also, the writer should compare the note he or she has taken with other informative essay examples they come across.

2. Informative Essay Outline

This is another vital document that guides the creation of an informative essay. The outline paints the picture of the entire paper even before the final draft is written. In this document, the key points are written down in short form. The purpose of the informative essay outline transcends guiding the writer but also helps the writer to organize his or her thoughts.

The simple structure of an informative essay outline has an introduction with a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion.

  • Example of an Informative Essay Outline


Catchy Statement or Attention Grabber: information technology is the fastest growing phenomenon in the word with statistics indicating that companies and corporate organizations have adopted IT in their significant operations. It is not possible to do without it. So, what does it imply for the workforce when computers are taking over the world?

Purpose: As the world fully incorporates the use of computer in the workplaces, it is imperative to inform the public that their competence in terms of understanding IT and necessary computer skills will go a long way in helping them remain productive.

The substance of the information to the readers: People can be replaced if they don't improve their productivity by computers. They need to acquaint themselves with skills and basic knowledge necessary with regards to Information Technology.

Thesis Statement: Computers are threatening job security in America

Preview: This paper seeks to shed more light on the importance of IT given the fast rate at which the incorporation of computers in the companies is being instituted. Additionally, the paper will provide statistics that indicate that indeed, there is a relationship between job loss and computer competency.


  1. The Main Point: What is IT and what is its implication for the job security
  2. Sub-point: What are the reasons informing reliance on computers and specifically information technology by the companies
  3. The statistics indicating the application if IT by various organizations or Companies.
  4. Comparing human input versus computer input with regards to IT.
  5. Sub-point: Types of incarceration facilities.
  6. The internet of things
  7. Measurement of IT success
  8. Second Main Point:
  9. Sub-point: Containing another topic about computers that was not discussed at the first level.
  • Third Main Point: How do we bring a balance between the adoption of computers and human skills to mitigate possible job loses?


Summarization: computers as machines are the most relied upon to deliver work efficiently and quantity, however, the human input is very critical in determining the quality of the work output in addition to affecting quality controls.

Concluding statements: separating human input in any organization would be impossible as statistics indicate given that computers are machines which will require specialized skills to operate. Also, job security for those who are computer literate is at stake; therefore, they need to catch up with the rest of the world by acquiring the skills.

3. Writing an Informative Essay

To write the necessary order will be as contained in the informative essay outline above. Basically, this type of writing must have a good introduction with good body paragraphs containing topic sentences and separate ideas to support the topic. The last part should be the conclusion which essentially provides a summary of the points covered and a restatement of the thesis.


Writing an informative essay requires the writer to go beyond comparing informative essay examples to understanding the format, discussion topic, and writing techniques. To attain the maximum and claim to be a good writer, it is important to continue writing and produce as many articles as possible. This implies a continuous practice and discipline.

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