Incarcerated Thesis Statement

Incarcerated Thesis Statement

After years of stability ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s, the number of incarcerates has more than tripled in the past 40 years. A committee was established to look into the issue into the Causes and Consequences of increasing rates of incarceration, and how best the public can go about it. This involved assessing some of the factors in the society that contributed to the huge rise in prison population and its effects on the society.

Now according to the research findings, from the year 1973 to 2009, the number of incarcerated individuals has risen drastically from 200,000 to about 1.5 million, and this is besides the men and women who were incarcerated due to the felonies conducted, and 700,000 more are locked daily in local police stations. In another study, there is data suggestive of a reduced incarceration rate between 2006 and 2011; this is more than half the population.

Currently, as we are speaking, the United States penal population is standing at 2.2 million individuals which according to world penal population statistics, it is not a doubt the largest. In the US, 1 out of every 100 individuals has at some point been convicted and served some reasonable prison time and this is almost six times that of countries in Europe.

The increased incarceration rates in the US over the past four decades are quite great and something ought to be done about it.

The Thesis Statement on Incarcerated

Lately, if you're keen enough, you'd notice that most academic papers are now using thesis statements - well, it's not something new to you. You'd even find various platforms using a thesis statement to aid in outing across their intended information; a good example is some of the adverts and movements fighting for a given cause though being governed by some thesis statement - let's say an action on corruption would be "Why to pay taxes and yet our legislators are busy embezzling the tax revenues to fund their projects". In such an example the people would be campaigning against the paying of taxes solely for the reason that they aren't used for the right purposes, was it that the funds were used to help the citizens, then paying of taxes would be of great benefit.

These thesis statements present themselves in various forms, and it all depends on the lecturer, the discipline of study, and what the instructions expect. Despite this, a thesis statement on incarcerated, despite being based on different subjects related to incarceration would serve one overall purpose of forming the ground of your text, more like a foundation for a story building would do. Another thing is that a thesis statement for incarcerated would also create a field for discussions the whole incarceration paper would take, therefore, going for strong incarcerated thesis statement would be a good idea when it comes to this. You won't be able to pose a significant and winning discussion on incarceration without including the incarceration thesis statement for that wouldn't count. It won't even make it to debate for there's no guide to what you guys are discussing on. Judging from the above information, it's so evident that thesis statement on incarcerated play quite a significant role in determining the overall outcome of the whole text and therefore vital considerations should be done for you to create something interesting. Let's now move forward to the next guide and see what you need for your thesis about incarcerated.

What goes through your head the moment you hear the wording thesis about incarcerated? There so much that one could think of but is that what it truly is, we're about to find out!

You'll come across thesis statements in your time in college whenever you're dealing with research papers and essays, however, for some students the find it was hard coming up with a good thesis statement, and that's why we are here. We've gone an extra mile to fetch and sieve the necessary information to give you, useful tips that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of what you're required to do and hence give you a better chance of doing well in your incarceration paper. What do you need to know? You need to know at least everything there is to know, however for this article we've narrowed down our focus to the most basic information that you can't survive minus.

Here, we'll be addressing the thesis statement for incarcerated that you are to write as part of your introductory paragraph. It's just a stiff sentence that is crafted at the ending of the initial phase that functions to give ground for the whole text. You'll have done your research and settled for different opinions on incarceration that you'd wish to put across to your audience. Some of this information is connected while others are contradicting. Thesis statements about incarcerated will, therefore, work towards bringing out your message clearly through linking the ideas and supportive information into one sentence that will guide your audience towards the focus of your paper. A stable thesis about incarcerated should be independent and be in a position to link the ideas and stance you settle for in a much convincing way that will persuade your readers into appreciating the angle of view.

Crafting the Incarcerated Text

You'll come across thesis statements in your stay in college when you are handling research papers and essays, however, for some students the find it hard to sit down, think through and finally settle for a prepared thesis statement. We've gone an extra mile to fetch and sieve the essential information to help students, useful tips that should aid in gaining a better understanding of what you're required to do and hence provide you a better opportunity of doing well in your incarcerated assignment. What are you needed to know? You need to know at least everything there is to know, however for this article we've narrowed down our focus to the most basic information that you can't survive minus.

  • Do Extensive Research on Incarcerated Thesis

Are you confident enough with what you've gathered that you can be in a position to present it to an audience without being tentative in any manner? Well, if you're not, then it's about time you do some research on incarceration and secure your assignment. Of note, never allow emotions to get the better of you; they mostly result in distorting the information you initially purposed to share with your readers as you'll be biased.

Detailed research is the initial step towards a writer composing a thesis statements about incarcerated. Be well aware of the situation you're handling, and only then will you be able to share the knowledge with others.

Despite the whole process, your target is to win your audience, and this can only be achieved through being gathering enough knowledge to win your audience over with. The research can be based on books, previously published articles on incarceration, and you can also rely on the web, not forgetting that you need to stick to relevance and know what's suitable for your audience.

After settling for a given opinion, bearing in mind what's fit for you and your readers, now it's time you do something about it. While at this have it in your head that some shreds of evidence might be opposing while others supportive of your thesis statement about incarcerated.

  • Prepare a Working Outline

Like most other academic writings in the college set up require a writer to draft an outline as preliminary to the writing process, thesis statement for incarcerated texts outline is as well a significant concern that writers need to tackle. However, for this outline, you'd notice that it's more direct, the catch for a writer is to be aware of what needs to be discussed on and how it should be done. Once you grasp this concept, the outline will function as a guide to your writing. To help you the thesis statement for incarceration outline, consider the following elements for your incarcerated text;

  • Appeal to your audience's needs.
  • What's more important to the reader that you, as a writer, need to address to best win their hearts? Once you familiarize yourself with this
  • Stay convincing. For you to actualize this, you need to do a thorough research, gather information, and understand your audience. This will gear your thesis statement about incarcerated towards a better winning angle.

The above is some little information on some of the tricks you can use to make it happen for you, stick to them, and you sure shall win. Take your time to read more on the several examples available to find out what you might have missed.

  • Stay Defensive with the Incarcerated Thesis Whenever Necessary

Remember, you're not just writing, but you're writing to convince. In the statements about incarcerated, you made clear how you think of the subject in question and the side you took on the matter. Be it an informative or persuasive role, and the end game is for your readers to be satisfied and confident that the information presented to them is substantial. An excellent way to ensure you effectively achieve this is to do thorough research and settle for pieces of evidence that will shoulder the mentioned claims.

You are required to show that what you're writing about is the case and that if only individuals could embrace it, and then it would offer solutions to a few of the issues behind incarceration. The information sources also matter the most. Be it either a primary or secondary source of information. It ought to have been credited as a substantial source that can be relied on. An excellent way to keep off these unreliable sources would be to stick to information sources that are up to date, and that would not distort what you intend to present.

Avoid making plain presentations. Don't be too formal or too severe until you end up missing on the vital aspect of the thesis about incarcerated writing, which in this case is being persuasive. For one to be adequately convincing, you ought to chip in some catchy phrases and not just plainly stating facts. Understand your audience and know how you can get to them at a personal level. You could use the internet to research on some of the convincing approaches a writer would use when crafting their thesis statement for incarcerated.

This is a guide to help you get to put together the information you gathered in the best way possible. Occasionally, professional writers are on the lookout for good flow and structure of the paper and a perfect thesis statement that meets this is a step in the right direction. Stay organized. An excellent thesis for incarcerated outline should give guidance on where and when to put specific information and it what fashion. It is for this reason that writers are advised to come up with drafts of thesis statements before working on the final paper to submit.

Recommended approaches to creating a thesis statement;

Criteria of the question for an answer; this is the best-preferred way to formulate a thesis statement. Here a writer is required to turn the incarceration topic into a problem and go ahead to tackle the problem. For instance;

  • Does being a victim of incarceration have anything to do with your social cues?
  • Is incarceration the best option when it comes to fighting crime?

Any contradicting ideas are to be suppressed and not given a chance to stand out. This criterion has been used by many and is most times a winning approach towards crafting a thesis statement. On the one hand, you come up with something stating a side of the incarceration subject discussion while the other clause is for objecting it.


There you go, all that you need for your incarcerated thesis statement. What more could you probably want? Use the information we've given you to make the best out of your paper. Practice what you read, and you shall succeed.

Are you a student having a hard time with a thesis about incarcerated? That's precisely the issue?