Military Base Essay

Military Base Essay

Do you know how to write a military base essay? Well, to understand what's required of you, you need first to understand the importance of the military service. This is a crucial state body or entity with officers who have dedicated their time and life to ensuring that the citizens are safe from external and internal threats.

All those looking to join the military service need to know the history of their country. Most importantly, such individuals should be fully aware of both current and past events. This helps to avoid terrible mistakes of the past, most of which have caused catastrophic deaths.

With this in mind, writing an essay for military base associated topics should not be a difficult task for you as a student. Sadly though, if you fail to put into considerations critical components of this paper, you will only come up with a less-informative and boring document.

Luckily, in this article, we will provide you with all the guidelines and example topics to inspire your writing. Take a look!

History of Military Base Essay Writing

The main objective of any military base essay writing project is to show how the army is protecting the rights and freedoms of its citizens. In fact, all those who wish to join the military need to have perfect knowledge on this such as the history, economics, biology, and geography of the country. They also need to train to develop essential skills which will assist them in fighting state rebel groups and foreign enemies.

Now, as time goes by, how soldiers train has changed and today, anyone looking to join the army needs first to attend a credible military academy. Here, he or she is required to come up with a well-thought and written military base essay. Just like other essays, this is a paper which calls for constant practice, focus and critical thinking.

Guidelines When It Comes to Writing a Military Base Essay

There are a few things which you should remember if you want to create a brilliant essay for military base writing which captures the attention and emotions of your readers. They include:

  • Choosing a catchy topic or subject
  • Follow the prescribed military base essay outline
  • Understand the different types of military base papers
  • Don't forget to proofread your paper

1. How to Choose a Catchy Topic or Subject

Before you even start working on your paper, make sure that you've chosen a unique headline. While there are tons of examples online, it's better if you came up with your own essay from scratch. You will have no trouble showcasing your original ideas plus it will give you an excellent platform for developing and showcasing your writing skills.

If you don't know what to talk about, you can discuss historical battles and past events that have shaped the country. Likewise, search for those topics that provide an analysis of how the military service could look like in the future. However, don't just mention points with no credible facts. Do enough research and cite reliable sources for producing a correctly documented final piece.

2. Follow the Prescribed Military Base Format

Here is an area which many students tend to go wrong simply because they fail to adhere to the format which their school requires. Once you've picked an interesting topic, the other crucial step is learning how to develop and structure your main points. Start with an attention-grabbing introduction, one that will trigger the critical mind of anyone who reads the paper.

Still, on your introduction, define the objectives of your paper. This will assist you in developing a powerful thesis statement. Keep in mind that when you properly structure your thesis, explaining your ideas on the subject becomes pretty easy.

In your main body, take a natural-style or approach and avoid adding details which you're not sure of or don't know. Remember that writing only to impress your audience will only portray you negatively. Even so, include as many credible points as possible and make sure that they are all followed by supportive facts.

The last part of your military base essay outline is the conclusion. This is usually the closing paragraph which summarizes the key points of your paper. Here's where you also provide your personal views on the subject and even feasible solutions to a specific problem. Although this is a short paragraph if poorly written it will destroy the quality of your paper.

3. Understand that There Are Various Types of Military Base Papers

It's essential to point out that any essay about military base subjects tends to take different forms. They could be research, persuasive or basic informative papers. You can even decide to write a military base argumentative essay on service accountability and delivery. Whichever direction you choose to take, remember to clearly explain the content in your document by conducting thorough research before you come up with a thesis statement.

4. Remember to Proofread Your Paper before Submission

Any essay about military base associated topics is never easy. Yes, it's not something that you can do ‘overnight' and expect to get the best results. Once you're through writing, you'll have to dedicate another hefty chunk of your time towards proofreading the document.

In most cases, you'll find a lot of grammatical errors, and poor construction of sentences. Rewrite all those parts which need correction and add details which you may have left out. If you're still not sure about the quality of your paper, asking someone, who has already written such an essay and passed, to reread it for you is another wise move. He or she will point out areas that honestly need revision.

Military Base Essay Topics to Inspire Your Writing

Below, we have collected various military base essay example topics that will help you find the best structure for your paper. They will also assist you in developing your own outline, something that will give your work an original feel.

a) James Burk's Theories of Democratic Civil and Military Relations

This is one of the best military base essay topics for its brilliant sentence and idea construction. It deduces concepts which show the influence in the relationship between the civil service and the military. It talks about the role of citizens and various institutions in matters touching on military use, funding and over-regulation.

It states that the implementation of security policies is based on the collective bargaining which exists between the civilians and the men and women of the military. The paper establishes that the main problem between civil-military relations is finding a formula which gives way to the maintenance and establishment of civilian regulatory control over our military service.

b) Essay on the Reasons People Choose to Join the Military

If you decide to base your military base essay on this topic, your thesis could be something like this:

"Applying to become a soldier can be one of the toughest experiences for many people. However, some take this to be a great honor as they have been given a chance to serve and protect the men, women, and children in their country. There's also another group which joins for sheer enjoyment and adventure. They want to travel and see different parts of the world to satisfy their uneventful or boring lives.”

c) The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mandatory Military Recruitment

A country like South Korea requires its men and women to join the military once they reach a certain age. The only exemption is to those who participate and win in the Asian Games. Whether this is appropriate or not is something which is still up for debate which makes this topic a perfect military base argumentative essay.

That being said, here are two reasons which support mandatory military service recruitment:

  1. If the country is prone to war - It's worth mentioning that some countries are never at peace. Daily, they face threats from internal rebel groups and foreign government dominance. Such means that to keep its citizens safe, the army has to replenish its ranks by recruiting fresh, men and women.
  2. It's appealing to young school leavers looking for quick employment - We have seen many people who finish school but are left stranded not knowing what to do with their lives. The military is, therefore, an excellent place to go during this stage of constant insecurity plus it makes sure that these young individuals don't dive into criminal gangs. In some way, it's good for society.

Let's now look at the other two reasons which discourage the act of forced military recruitment.

  1. It denies the youth the freedom of choice - Although it's an excellent place to go for those who are in need, many feel that it deprives the youth the chance to pursue their career dreams. Others argue that it's a sure degradation of human rights making it immoral.
  2. It triggers terrible attitudes among young people- If the youth are forced to join the army, even though it's for a short amount of time, it fosters resentment and hatred against the authority. After all, many of them will feel that they have been denied the chance to learn other skills or pursue their dreams.

d) The Causes and Effects of Joining the Army

This is an excellent informative essay for military base writing. However, crafting a thesis statement on the subject is not always easy. Luckily, we have come up with a remarkable example:

"The United States Army was formed back in the early 1600s during the period of British colonialism. Over the centuries, it has continued to adapt, and it has a lot more to offer today than it did more than 280 years ago. Today, those who join the army enjoy various benefits like medical insurance, and housing benefits.”

e) Improvements in Military Technology

Technology keeps on changing with time. In the military, it has had maybe the most profound impact. Today, different armies have an improved collection of fighting equipment, vehicles and communication systems.

Many citizens use military technology to win power, influence, land and of course, wealth. Military tech was highly used during the cold war as various countries worked to improve their ‘fighting power' for fear of being attacked by the enemy.

f) What Role Do Students Play in Disaster Management?

While not directly connected to the military, this is one of those military base essay topics which helps learners the importance of disaster management. Remember this is one of the critical functions of the army which is called upon to reallocate people in case of natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. As a student, it teaches you how to exercise precaution during such disasters and to protect your colleagues by maybe collecting funds and resources to help them survive these terrible ordeals.

g) Essay on Understanding the Anti-Hazing Law

This is another interesting military base essay example. It talks about the penalties that should be taken to those who are found carrying out such in-human rights of passage. Many of these initiation practices are only meant to humiliate and embarrass the neophyte.

Hazing is a practice that's meant for the men and women of the military in countries like Philippine. It should never be allowed in schooling institutions and groups like sororities and fraternities. Keep in mind that the main reason why the act exists is to make those initiating it feel in control and power over their ‘subjects.'


From the above tips, examples and additional guidelines to military base essay writing, you can see that it's a process that puts into consideration a lot of things. You will have to conduct enough research on the topic in question, you'll also need to have a positive mindset, but most importantly, it will call upon your focus or concentration.

If you ignore these facts, you will almost certainly struggle to explain your ideas. Also, your paper will be filled with a hefty amount of irrelevant material leading to an academic slump.

So, with all these tools for writing now with you, do you think you can write a winning military base essay?