Numbered Lists In An Essay

Numbered Lists In An Essay

You'd proudly agree with us that almost all academic writings didn't miss to records a few items along the writing process. We bet you as well appreciate this feature in your papers. It's safe to say that essay writing without numbered lists is cake without cream. We both know it's not that sweet, plus we aren't on a diet chase, are we! In this article, we're going to appreciate the fundamental aspects of how to list things in a essay and go-ahead to issue you with the quick hacks around them. Let's find out!

Academic writing almost always involves the use of lists; the sole purpose is to arrange the text in such a manner as to make it easier for the reader to comprehend the contents of the document. In addition to, lists generally serve a purpose of emphasizing the crucial information, that which as a reader you're supposed to remember. Why do we need records? If you ask us, we'd tell you, and it's for everything. Some would argue, and we wouldn't object that numbered lists in an essay make the paper look attractive to the reader's eyes. Besides, it's the attraction that captures your reader's attention and drives them to want to read more of the content you‘re looking to present.

Lists work more or less like the headings, to make things easier for the reader. That's their sole duty not unless in exceptional circumstances where the assignment instructions state otherwise. They come in handy, and in that, they assist the readers with comprehension, remembrance, and a quick review of the crucial takes. Even better, numbered lists in an essay assist in arranging when it comes to appreciating the sequence of events. And finally, they even well break the monotony of successive paragraphs and give the reading a new look or should we say some little pause to the continuity of information. And by the crack we don't mean you lessen your concentration, you have to keep your eyes on the paper and take home the reader's message not forgetting some insight take form the brilliance of the writing.

Ways to List Things in an Essay

In this text, we're here to help you get to the bottom of how to list things in a essay. The goal is to make you an outstanding professional technical writer, and we both know the advantages and ease that comes with being a good writer. There's not a limit to the number f accolades you'll receive from your readers and not forgetting the good grades you'll be receiving from your instructor.

On how to lists things in an essay, there are some fundamental things you ought to appreciate before we move forward;

The use of numbered lists in an article is mainly for items that follow a particular chronological order. In this case, you're looking at information that calls for an order of appearance. Were you to be writing an essay on how to arrange your curriculum vitae, you'd have to follow a request and not just throw in points anyhow no matter how tangible they might be. Appreciate the items listed following their number as per what is expected of the paper.

On the other hand, there are bulleted lists, and this is mainly used for items that don't necessarily call for an order of arrangement. Instead, bulleted lists are mostly applied when you're listing details that be placed anywhere along with the record. For instance, you're listing countries in Europe, that doesn't call for any order of arrangement. Were you to narrow down to countries in Europe as per their economic stability then that means you'll have to use numbered lists for their some order that ought to be followed.

There are horizontal lists (in-sentence); this can include either letter of the alphabet or numbers. If for instance, you use a numbered list in a smooth presentation and you'd again wish to use the numbered lists in an essay within the same paper but another directory. Then you should settle for lowercase letters. In as much, there are no written laws on this, but it's a rather widespread opinion that has been well received and appreciated in most literary forums and works. Within one report, you can use the horizontal lists, and the vertical numbered lists for similar situations. For instance, you're tasked with topic overviews for different sections of the project, and it would be best if you use the in-sentence (horizontal numbered lists) or the vertical records for the overview section but don't go ahead to mix them if at all they for similar use.

Now, there are the vertical lists, which unlike the in-sentence are mainly used for alignment of texts. This might be attributed to them being attractive, but then to second the opinion, we agree they give your paper something for the eye. There's an easily applicable way out whenever you'd wish to construct vertical numbered lists. Instead of doing the process manually, you can look-up for the styles option in your software to do the work for you. For more information on this, you can check out some of the tutorials available online on how to approach that process effectively. When it comes to making emphasis on the items being listed, then vertical numbered lists in an essay win as they give more focus. Vertical presentations are known to attract the reader's attention more and highlight the importance of the information listed in the items, unlike the horizontal numbered lists

Consistency is crucial and is something you as a writer ought to be very keen with. Something to remember is that similar situations within the essay are to be approached with related lists for coherence, and it also gives your paper a good flow.

Mistakes on How to List Things in an Essay

On ways to list things in an essay, there are some mistakes writers are fond of making and yet they can be avoided. To help you out on this, below are some of the essential things that as a writer, you're to be keen on to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

There's the issue of mixing numbered lists, those of bullets with those of numbers. Like we earlier mentioned, within one report, you can use the horizontal lists, and the vertical numbered lists for similar situations. For instance, you're tasked with topic overviews for different sections of the project, and it would be best if you use the in-sentence listing or the vertical records for the overview section but don't go ahead to mix them if at all they for similar use. This is something that as a writer, you ought not to forget as it's a common mistake made by even the most notable literature writers you know of.

The use of different cap styles in the text as part of the listing and the issue of punctuation. Punctuation is a compassionate aspect of numbered lists in an essay for whichever the format you'd wish to. Here, a writer is to use punctuation only if some complete sentences or phrases will sum up the sentence that was used as a lead-in to the numbered lists use be it MLA counted list which is the most common or the many others available.

There's also the issue of inconsistency in using the lists in an essay. Something to remember is that similar situations within the piece are to be approached with related records for coherence, and it also gives your paper a good flow. The primary purpose of consistency is to give your writing a good flow, and you don't want to deny your paper such. A good flow comes with its logic and sense. Not forgetting, your readers are never confused when they read your article as all is in order and items are listed as per the required literary rules

The use of long lists with many things and yet they can be united or others divided into another directory. Length is of great concern when it comes to listing. In as much as records give your paper some good look, they also have a downside whenever you don't appreciate the nuances of academic writing. For instance, those exceeding eight items, here a good practice would be to collapse them into different files or even better consolidate the many things. To get a better understanding of what we're saying, check out some of the how to make a list in MLA format examples and you'll be able to get a better picture and know your way around it.

The introductory sentence (lead-in) is to be a good one and attractive to offer an excellent transitive effect on the lists section. Remember, the lists don't just come immediately after the heading, but you ought to formulate fantastic lead-in information to enlighten the readers on what is to come. The lead-in can either be a sentence, phrase, or clause. However, the lead-in sentence doesn't have to be complete for in some instances the lists can serve to complete the sentences. In this case, you'll have to tailor your lead-in sentence in such a manner that it will allow completion by the ensuing listed items.

How to Make a List in MLA format

By now, at least you have a good idea on how to number lists in an essay, and at least you stand a better chance to face your assignment with ease. With that information in mind plus knowing the mistakes to avoid, here is a guide on the approach to an MLA numbered list. This should ice the little knowledge you have on the same.

Moving forward, when it comes to an MLA numbered list, you are prohibited from using records that have numbers, and this is quite different as compared to other types of formats. Nonetheless, there's a catch, and you can as well go ahead and use the numbered lists in MLA format if at all you how to apply them effectively and stick to the rules. To begin with, we'd recommend that as an academic writer, reach out to your instructor and ask if they'd be okay with you using MLA numbered list before going ahead to use it. We're saying this because not all instructors are okay with that and you might end up being penalized for using MLA numbered list, and their actions are justifiable.

Now, here's the how to make a list in MLA format. There are several ways you can use files in MLA format, and one of them is to include it in a sentence. Now while at this there are instructions to be strictly adhered to. There's the issue of using a colon in presenting it. You can as well use a list in a single sentence MLA format. For example;

The Famous American writers are; Washington Irving, Scott FitzGerald, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Austen.

If, for instance, you have lots of information to itemize as part of your MLA format listing, there's an option for you, and that's the block quote format of approach. It has proven working overtime, and we best recommend that for you. For those who're still stuck and aren't so sure on how to list things in an essay, then here's a good example to give a better grasp and mastery.

The famous American writers wrote outstanding books over a vast period and in different colonial eras;

  1. The Great Gatsby, by Scott FitzGerald
  2. The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving
  3. The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway
  4. The Mummy, by Stephen King

Of note, whenever you start listing the items, you'll have to put a colon as it's a common practice and it's also a rule. Moving forward, you'll have to make a list more distinct from the rest of the paragraphs in the text, and this is achieved through climbing the items ten spaces form the left margin. This offers better visibility to your readers and creates a significant distinction from the rest of the text. After the number, there's a period and then some space before listing the item.


We bet you're now good enough and ready to conquer that list in your essay. The next time you go through a research paper, jump to the lists section and take your time to appreciate the nuances and how it's been structured. Watch for the format, the placing of numbers, and the lead-in sentence as those are the basics on how to list things in an essay.

What else would you wish to know on ways to list things in an essay or how to make a list in MLA format?