Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience Essay

How to Know that an Essay is Great

  • When it paints a great memorable picture in the mind of the reader
  • When it is of significance to one's life

Finding the Importance of A memory in writing a Personal Essay

  • What one saw in the past is the foundation for a perspective when jogging a memory
  • What one is seeing is vital in relating the two, e., the past and the present

Topical ideas for an Essay

  • People
  • Events
  • Experience
  • Present experience
  • Places

Questions to ask oneself with regards to the topic choice for writing personal essays include

  1. What was the earlier thought about what an experience meant?
  2. What was learned concerning the event?
  3. How did the event impact one's life?

This is How We Organize the Essay

There are indeed lots of patterns or techniques that we can employ in organizing personal essay writing to suit not only our potential readers but also the thoughts in our minds.

Chronological Technique

Quite often, many will go with this method given its simplicity and the manner in which it organizes the thoughts. Chronology is all about arranging the points of discussion from the first to the last. There should be a relationship between the points where the first contributes to the second, the second to the third, and so on. Here are some definitive characteristics of the chronological pattern.

  • Obeys the order in which a story happens
  • Given that it follows an order, the suspense becomes part and parcel of the pattern in addition to a climax
  • Let's the meaning to be explained by the events

Expectations Unfulfilled Pattern of Organizing Personal Goal Essay

Notably, this is one of the most straightforward and easy ways for organizing essays. Ideally, an element of contrast is the key foundation for a good expectation unfulfilled technique. What we need to remember is that it does not matter whether the contrast is a happy one or a sad one. More so, the writer should have what happened clearly stated. Outlined below are some of the elements that this technique employs.

  1. An introduction that clearly gives a description of the expected outcome of an event
  2. Maybe foreshadow the issue
  3. With exactitude, narrate the events as they happened without exaggeration
  4. The expectations should be contrasted with the reality
  5. Reflect on the experience by telling ironically
  6. Summarize your thoughts by using irony.

Organizing Using a Frame Example

This is probably one of the most interesting organization techniques that we can employ in writing personal essays because the story frame gives us a glimpse of the main character before we flashback. The organization takes into account the present events before taking us to the previous ones and then finally to the bigger picture. Everything is contained in a sort of frame. We get to define what the story means when we use this approach, and that is why it remains to be one of the most exciting techniques.

Internal and External Technique

Here the writer establishes the conflict that goes on within him and tries to bring it out. We need to look at what are some of the experiences we are having within ourselves. We can also look at those that are happening and then explaining them. For example, we can consider a celebration by a football team who just emerged victoriously, but amid the party, a player who was unable to score a penalty has a lot of thinking going on internally.

Tips for Chronological Organization

This style or technique is always the default choice for many students. Please make do with other available methods. Combine it with others for writing personal essays and making it unique and interesting. The key points to consider when using the technique include:

  1. Establishing the conflict: ideally, the writer should strive to bring out a conflict that is either internal or external to make the essay more interesting. What is that antagonistic tension within yourself, which affects how you look at things? There is always a drive within you that ought to be spilled. To write a great personal goals essay, we may need to create a crisis and be ready to resolve it at some point.
  2. Stick to the most critical details alone: usually, there is always a temptation to fill up the paper by everything that crosses the writer's mind. Having much to write about is essential, but it is good to remember that not all is needed in the essay, especially when using the chronological
  3. Ensure that the information used is interesting and specific: ensure that the information provided to describe the subject in terms of their traits is concrete and very specific.
  4. Guard the article against boredom: give the context and sufficient information with regards to the setting. Never oversimplify, however. How does the character within the personal experience essay grow?
  5. Use dialogue and actions: people prefer it when they can read a conversation between parties involved, and this is very important for a personal experience essay organized chronologically.

Use of Metaphor Organizing Technique

As common with this type of organization, the idea is to take note of patterns that are repeatedly occurring around a person or an object. We can then place our memory around them. The ordering of the essay reflects the repetition. The notable characteristics of this type of organization are as follows:

  1. Encapsulates a lot of cognitions relating to a person or an object: this could be one's fascination with an object such as a car, driving your father's car without his consent, driving your friends around with your father's car. Causing an accident while driving the cars, your father protest against the act and punishes you for driving the car, you are not happy for being punished and the fact that your father has this time decided that he will keep the car keys away from your reach.
  2. Using memories that are climatic and chronological: we build the climax when the accident happens coupled with the fact that you took the car against the consent of your father. What is important is that there have been several developments preceding the accident as can be explained in writing personal essays.
  3. What is the theme of the essay? Tie it together with the memory: it is essential to establish the general idea and then use the most important points informing your memory along with the theme. The theme in the context of the example we have given about a boy who drove the car against his father's consent is disobedience. It is important to tie it to the various points that culminated to an accident and a resolution which is the punishment.

Essay Organization about a Person

What we need to consider when organizing an essay about a person or with the technique of personality is that it has to be kept shorter. What more is that the personal article should contain memories about a person which should be least three? What are the most significant events or story within a story about the events? Here are some crucial characteristics of this organization that you need to consider.

  1. A portrait about the person that is vivid: how do you portray the person to the extent that the reader hears him or her talk? This is what you need to consider. You know something about the person that you should explain to the reader. These could be the things he or she is interested in. Descriptively tell of the person to the reader. What does he or she look like? Let the readers see that too.
  2. Memories that are very specific: use only the memories that depict the person's character and best describe how you relate to him or her. Cite an incident that you have never forgotten. Specific actions on that day, how you felt, and the people's reactions on that day should be captured in the personal goal essay. Give a description of the events that kept on recurring and do not just mention them.
  3. Indicating the significance of the person: this should involve choosing a single or simply two points and making them impactful in the essay. The substance of the person should be vividly explained to the readers to erase any doubt about the relationship between you and the person.

Other Ways of Organizing a Personal Essay

We have outlined some incredible organization strategies that you can use for a personal essay around an event for a person as well;

  1. A Reversed Format of Expectations or Revelation
  2. The writer should apply how he or she usually judges the person when writing the paper
  3. The writer should also analyze the personality of the person in addition to physically describing the person and giving some context or background information of the person
  4. It is important to reveal something previously unknown to the reader. It should include things that happened in the past or the current occurrences.
  1. Conflict and Resolution Organizing Technique
  1. Given that there might have been a disagreement or a conflict, it is imperative to give a full account of it in this technique. What is the story all about? How did it happen? Narrate to the reader everything that concerns it.
  2. Provide substantial information with regards to his or her personality and physically describe the person. What is their history? What is their background? Carry out an analysis to that effect.
  3. Give the second narration of the differences you are experiencing with the person. What is important is that the second level of disagreement should resolve into some even closer relationship.
  4. Draw the lessons learned from the conflict because that is important for personal essay writing.
  5. The last conflict and this too should contain some important lessons learned. Additionally, the section should tell others about this lesson and try to persuade them to feel the same way as the writer.
  1. Comparing and Contrasting as an Organizing Technique

The aspect of weighing a particular direction taken by the writer against another one is reflected in all the paragraphs within the personal goal essay. Here the writer brings in the views of another person and talks about it before bringing another perspective that does not necessarily discuss a person. What is important is that they have to address a particular goal.

The components of a Contrast and Compare Approach

  1. An Introduction: Here, the writer describes the person and tries to come up with contrast to him/her. The introduction should as well contain some very interesting
  2. The Body: Here, the writer takes into account the views of others and weigh them against his. Importantly, if the personal essay is based on past events or experiences, the writer should compare the various views as expressed by then vis a vis his or her view during that time.
  3. The Conclusion: Here, the essay is summarized by the information that tells the readers how the writer has finally come to understand or see the person being discussed. Equally, the section must contain nothing but interesting facts and ideas that wow the reader.


While we ponder on the best way to tell our story, the best opportunity is presented in the name of personal essay writing. In as much as the idea is that the writer expresses personal information with regards to the events that shaped his or her life, in the past and in the present, it is imperative to acknowledge that it takes great skills and an understanding of what this type of writing entails to pull it through. A personal experience essay can be organized in various ways. What is essential is that the message should be passed through to the reader in a manner that makes them feel the same way just as the writer. So it is essential to note down all that a writer can remember to be able to paint the picture in the mind of the target audience via personal goals essay.