Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Essay

Creativity in accomplishing writing assignments requires sufficient preparation. Check out for essential clues outlined below to take into account even before the commencement of penning down a conflict resolution article:

  • Spell in vivid terms the nagging issue that ought to be addressed
  • Make a list of the clarifications that best resolves the concern
  • The answer resolving the question ought to be explained in details
  • State what substance the solution identified will add to erase any doubts
  • Counter the argument against the proposed solution with facts and evidence to persuade a targeted reader.

Generating Discussion Subjects

Definitely, this would be an exciting task to undertake because it provokes writers to think. Additionally, it challenges the read writer to work out an appropriate subject to discuss in as far as a topic suiting the problem solution essay is concerned. There are several topical ideas that we can choose from the beginning of the experiences that we have had. The surrounding environment plays a critical role in terms of topic generation. How about thinking of the list below as possible topic generators?

  • Schoolmates
  • Our associates
  • Our family
  • The peers
  • The friends
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Debate clubs
  • Fellow cadets
  • The boys' group
  • The girls' group etc.

After having listed the groups, it is also essential that you also make another one addressing the issues derived from the surrounding environment. Bear in mind that successful plans or failed plans with regards to a group's solution to issues could be because the implementation was not well effected. Or, because there was none in the first place that was used. No matter how big the concern or the issue is, remember that all the problems of concern have answers.

Generating an Answer for Our Conflict Essay

Remember that effective responses to nagging issues are:

  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Gainful
  • Workable
  • Implementable

Thoughts for Generating Answers to Problems

Coming up with a neutral position together with the group by ensuring that you only apply a solution that you are sure of is the deal in this situation. Additionally, it is essential to take away something by adding something that will create a neutral position acceptable to both parties in a group setting. Generate inspirational ideas that will benefit the team. Engage the mind in coming up with rules that will put some sanity into the group and persuade them to have a collective agreement. Where you are finding it challenging to strike a balance, consider changing the leadership of the group so that the new leader can help implement the answers generated.

Demonstrate the applicability of the answers in specific terms. You can achieve this by ensuring:

  • Getting the team to have a common ground,
  • Elimination of the things that are bringing the discordance amongst the group by making suggestions reinforcing the efficiency of the solution when proper rules are instituted.
  • Never forget to furnish or produce sufficient data/information to convince members of the efficiency of the problem-solution proposed. In case an issue got resolved by a particular solution at someplace.

Hypothetically suggest the potential contributing factors leading to the discord. The assumptions can center on imaginative ideas stating:

  • Poor remuneration is to blame regarding the discord or issues of concern
  • Lack of cooperation among people is caused by poor communication
  • Not even an individual wants to take charge and dispense their duties accordingly
  • While people are privy to duties prescribed, nothing substantial is taking place
  • Present laws are not working, thus making it difficult to find a better answer to the problem.

Cite examples such as the agreements between two parties that indeed worked. Introduction of basic rules tamed errant members of scouts club. The fire extinguishers were purchased, and it helped during a fire outbreak. Scholl children were instructed to wear uniforms, and it helped in identification. Computers were introduced in the company, thus enabling workers to submit their tasks faster.

To Write the Paper

Logically persuasive ideas attract people, making them active contributors besides just reading it. An essay on conflict resolution ought to reinforce an answer derived from various scenarios. Putting to paper conflict essay could require excellent organization skills. Furthermore, a piece of this kind ought to produce results as listed below:

  • Solving the issues via incorporating
  • Persuasively creating an understanding of registering the concerns highlighted as very paramount
  • Provoking a thought by painting a picture
  • Vividly eradicating doubts via explanations on the efficiency of the answers
  • Addressing the issue of cost
  • Letting readers appreciate the response.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Before we embark on writing a conflict essay, it is essential that we put the house in order by gathering the information that we need early enough. Among the drivers of writing the problem and solution essay that the writer should include:

  • To make the reader interested in the problem
  • Striving to make the reader convinced that the issue needs to be solved and therefore a quick solution ought to be put on the table as soon as possible
  • Expounding the identified solution to the reader
  • Ensuring that the target audience is comfortable with the cost of implementing the issue which of course should not be expensive
  • Making the reader understand that the identified answer to the problem is better than any that might be there.

Introduction for a Problem Solution Essay

The ideal starting point for an article after the establishment of a topic is always a great introduction. For problem and solution essays, the idea is to let the reader know of the issue and then highlight the solution that will address that particular problem. In that case, the introduction should, therefore, begin with a simple and clear sentence that introduces the topic. The introduction should also have a thesis statement which we will further discuss in this essay. Remember that the introduction paragraph can be two or just one as it depends on what the writer wants to bring out to the readers. There is no restriction with regard to how long it ought to be, but it has to be reasonable. Remember that:

  • Where the problem is entirely alien or assumed to be unknown in the group, the writer must take the next step and elaborate on the issue to the reader's satisfaction
  • Sometimes the problem is not strange to the target audience, and they may be familiar with it. In such a case, the writer should be able to embed an idea in the minds of the reader. This is so that they can also be part of finding the solution because they would have then understood the problem quite vividly.
  • Never forget that as a writer, it is essential that you remind the reader about the situation and persuade them so that they call to appreciate the weight of the problem. They need to be convinced.

Exciting Ideas for an Introduction

  1. People love real-life experiences, and in that case, you should only consider telling stories that are not only true. But also based on the personal account, for example, what challenges did you experience as a child? Or what problem did you have while in school, and how did you solve it?
  2. Describe the scenario to paint a vivid picture in the minds of the target group so that they can emotionally feel attached to the problem whose solution is being sought.
  3. Present some factual information or figures that can serve as testimonies to the problem to make the target audience understand that indeed there is an issue warranting attention
  4. Carry out a detailed elaboration of the matter to the audience; by providing some factual information that best tells why the solution is indeed needed.
  5. For once become a historian and narrate the genesis of the problem. Tell about the factors that might have contributed to the situation as it stands currently.
  6. Encapsulate the context and the problem to help the target audience to understand the problem without having to think out of the context you are providing
  7. Tell of the problem imaginatively and never underestimate the power of your brain to describe the issue in a significant way that the audience will get it.
  8. Apply the existing materials and channels such as the television shows and documented materials. These could include books to bring out the issue for the audience to understand it better and approve that there is a need to address it.

Thesis Statement for the Conflict Resolution Essay

This is a claim or a viewpoint of the writer that comes at the end of the introduction paragraph. It is stated in one sentence. We have outlined some ideas that you can consider as you say the thesis in the conflict resolution essay:

  1. In not more than a single sentence, ensure that you state the solution vividly
  2. After you have told your readers what the issue is, follow it up with a clearly stated thesis.
  3. First, try and prove the appropriateness of the solutions you have suggested. On establishing that they are not working, go ahead and write the thesis statement to become the problem identified.

Writing the Body of a Problem and Solution Essay

The organization of the body section of a problem solution essay takes up to three paragraphs. Its content must, in our case:

  1. Gives a detailed analysis and elaboration of the solution suggested
  2. Connect the issue to the solution and explain how the latter will be crucial in influencing the former
  3. Substantiate who has been placed to do what with regards to the solution for the conflict essay and the funders of the project or the implementation of the solution
  4. Provide sufficient proof that the solution suggested will not flop but will instead work for the problem. The proof sources could be expert opinions, the past studies, and the actual figures from statisticians.

Furthermore, use the section in the essay on conflict resolution to make arguments to the effect that:

  1. The solution derived is the answer to the issue discovered
  2. The remedy is very cheap to implement and will not make the group run at a loss
  3. The solution is not only implementable but also feasible
  4. The processes that led to the decision that the remedy is the most appropriate was reasonably done
  5. The resource has a defense mechanism or enough evidence to support it
  6. The solution is highly rated. When compared with others that have been used in the past or suggested, it is still the best.

Writing the Conclusion

  1. This part is written in a single paragraph, and it does not contain detailed information other than a summary of the whole conflict essay. It includes the information that:
  2. Brings to the attention of the reader the next cause of events
  3. Paint the picture of the result of the change in the reader's mind with the adoption of the remedy found
  4. Revisits the thesis statement to remind the reader about the problem and the solution found
  5. Revisits that evidence in as far as the remedy for the issue discussed is concerned

In summary, the conflict resolution essay is fundamentally crucial in seeing the bigger picture in as far as a solution can be derived. We embark on writing an essay on conflict resolution, and it is imperative to appreciate that the process just like in any other writing must contain the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.


Not in the history of man have we at any point not responded to an issue. The essence of our existence as thinking creators is to provide solutions to issues that affect us. Problem and solution essays are the best opportunity that we explore to show that capability. It is paramount to identify such problems and put our feet down by imaginatively, writing a good conflict resolution essay. We not only write for class assignments but also for the general audience who we are passing some vital information. With excellent skills developed over a while, writing an essay on conflict resolution will be achievable.