100 Best Research Paper Topics

100 Best Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics are a constant in the life of students. There is a wide selection of information sources available for students so you don’t have to struggle to look for them. Remember to be accurate as you tackle each matter as this gives you the most relevant information. The dates and historical events should not change. Here, getting the crucial facts is the most important step. Through this information, you can start to argue your case. Here is a comprehensive list of all the different research and paper topics arranged in separate categories:

Interesting Research Paper Topics Touching On Technology

Technology has grown tremendously. With the increasing use of smart phones and other devices, new methods of innovation have emerged in both commerce and industry. Some of the interesting Research paper topics you’re likely to come across include:

  • How Exactly Did Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Change The World?
  • How Can We Use Cloud Technologies In Changing Data
  • Can Virtual Reality Take The Place Of Actual Reality?
  • How Can We Determine The Future Of The Internet?
  • What Has Made Microsoft A Reliable Computer Software Provider?
  • What Has Led To The Growth Of Social Media?
  • How Has Improved Mobile Communication Resulted In Economic Growth In The World?
  • How Is Technology Being Used To Make Nuclear Weapons?
  • Which Technology Is Being Used For Space Exploration?
  • How Can We Use Geothermal Energy To Produce Light And Fire For Home Use?

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

In a legal sense, there are a variety of essay topics to cover. As a writer, you should look at how different governments implement their laws and punish crime offenders. It is important to have the best knowledge of how the country is run by the administration and the different legal and political actors. Here are some criminal justice research paper topics to discuss:

  • How Can We Use Torrent Websites To Transform Creativity And Copyrighting?
  • Why Should We Legalize Marijuana?
  • Same-Sex Marriages And The Changes They Have Brought To The United States
  • Which Law Should We Use To Prevent Cyber Bullying?
  • What Types Of Laws Guard Against The Use Of Excessive Force By The Police?
  • What Measures Should We Take To Protect Our Young Girls From Female Genital Mutilation?
  • Here Are Some Of The Abortion Laws Which Have Already Taken Shape In The World
  • What Laws Guarded The United Kingdom Against Leaving The European Union?
  • Which Procedures Should Be Followed To Impeach A Sitting American President?
  • How Do The Various Prostitution Laws Differ Among Different Countries In The World?

Easy Research Paper Topics on Commerce and Business

The vast world of operations comes with various research paper topics. As different companies try to out maneuver each other, they create various issues which we should carefully discuss. Some of the easy research paper topics you’ll find include:

  • Basic Methods That Can Quickly Make Your Business The Best Start Up
  • How Are Creative Marketing Strategies Being Used To Boost Sales?
  • How Does Taxation Affect Both Large And Smalls Sized Businesses?
  • Efficient Time Management Skills For Both Large And Small Businesses
  • Is Multi-Tasking An Efficient Mode Of Working?
  • Sexual Harassment Is Terrible To The Growing Business Environment
  • Why Should You Sell Your Products Online?
  • What Has Made Social Media The Most Accepted Method Of Marketing?
  • Here Are Some Shocking Minimum Wage Bills Existing In The World Today
  • Most Successful Businesses Of The 21st Century

History Research Paper Topics

The world of the policy is one who keeps on changing. Different leaders occupy power at specific times, introducing their way of doing business. It is also good for a nation to love and appreciate its past. Here are some history research paper topics which should help you understand the state of affairs in the world:

  • Ways In Which Angela Merkel Transformed Europe
  • Which Methods Should The United States Use To Impeach President Donald Trump?
  • Is Russia Secretly Hoping For Global Tourism?
  • Exploring The Rise Of Conflicts In South America And Africa
  • How Can We Learn From Apartheid And Genocide?
  • How Can We Fight Against The Rise Of Racism In Some Parts Of The World?
  • Do You Think Uniting North Korea And South Korea Will Take Time?
  • How Can We Finally Remove Dictatorial Regimes Of This Century?
  • How Has The International Criminal Court Contributed To Ensuring Global Peace?
  • How Do Refugees And Immigrants Affect The Political And Security Situation In A Country?

College Research Paper Topics Dealing With Religion

How has religion changed from the 17th century? By looking at some simple college research paper topics, we can start to understand its growth, challenges and where to offer solutions.

  • Is Christianity Slowly Coming To An End?
  • The Role Of The Church In Subverting Crime
  • Famous Modern Day Religions Slowly Taking Shape
  • The Anglican Church And The Roman Catholic: Which Represent Better Christian Values?
  • Why Is The Growth Of Islam So Alarming?
  • Ways In Which Women Are Being Oppressed By Religion
  • How Has The Religious And Political Concept Existed Across Time?
  • Exploring The Secret Growth Of ‘Illuminati.’
  • Evolution Of Man Is Now More Acceptable As Compared To The Creation Myths
  • What Are The Different Cases Of Sexual Abuse In Church?

Health and Psychology Research Paper Topics

Some health and psychology research paper topics which will shock and educate you at the same time. They include:

  • It Is Important To Protect Small Children From Contracting Malaria
  • Maintaining Good Hygiene Prevents Spread Of Communicable Diseases
  • How Can We Use Research To Get A Cure For HIV/AIDS?
  • Which Are Some Of The Effective Ways Of Preventing Cancer?
  • How Does Too Much Fat In The Body Affect Your Mind And Body?
  • Similarities Between Obesity And Anorexia
  • Exploring The Great Importance Of Having Good Mental Health
  • Why Is Vaccination Important In The Life Of A Student?
  • Adverse Effects Of Taking Drugs As A Young Person
  • Effects Of Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol

High School Research Paper Topics

Have you come across any simple essay? High school research paper topics are quite easy and touch on issues affecting students. As a writer, here are some of the topics you could discuss:

  • Best Study Methods For Students
  • Why Should Every Student Join A Particular Sports Team?
  • Drama And Music Are Valuable Learning Experiences
  • How Can Students Handle Stress And Anxiety?
  • Effective Budgeting Methods For Students
  • Measures Which Should Help In Stopping Bullying In Schools
  • How Have Women Been Discriminated In Modern Day Democratic States?
  • How Can We Protect Ourselves From Cyber Bullying?
  • The Pros And Cons For Global Citizenship
  • Why Should You Learn Science And Mathematics In School?

Controversial Topics for Research Paper Dealing With Culture

Culture changes from one generation to another. To understand what’s facing a generation, here are some of the controversial topics for research paper that you could tackle:

  • Some Of The Best Musical Projects You’ll Hear This Year!
  • How Have Reality TV Shows Affected The Lives Of Our Teenagers?
  • What Is The Role Played By Various Celebrities In This World?
  • What Should We Learn From All Those Fiction Heroes We Watch On TV?
  • Differences Between The American And Japanese Cultures
  • Sexism And Ageism In The Shaping Of Present Day Hollywood
  • Some Of The Best Hollywood Movie Actors Of The Last Decade
  • The Role YouTube Plays In Development Of People’s Culture
  • Improve Your Writing By Reading The Great Harry Potter Novels!
  • Which Are Some Of The Similarities Affecting The Japanese And American Cultures?
  • Good Research Paper Topics Dealing With The Environment

There are also different environmental research paper topics. They help in informing students and writers of the need to conserve the environment. Here are some of these good research paper topics:

  • Why Is It Important To Understand The Changes In Climate Over The Last 30 Years?
  • How Should We Prevent Global Warming?
  • How Are Our Plants Being Affected By Global Warming?
  • How Can We Get Rid Of Disease Causing Organisms In Plants?
  • How To Get Ready Of A Locust Or Aphid Invasion?
  • What Are Environmental Challenges Of Using Modern Day Technology In Agriculture?
  • How Can We Get Sustainable And Safe Drinking Water For All?
  • How Much Is Marine Life Being Affected By Water Pollution?
  • Why Is Asbestos Dangerous In The Lives Of Both Animals And Human Beings?
  • How Are We Expected To Protect The Lives Of Our Endangered Species?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

There are different argumentative research paper topics. They assist students in the discerning critical situation and look for amicable solutions. The argumentative research paper topics include:

  • Adequate Budgetary Methods For Students
  • Students Should Cook More Instead Of Visiting Local Hotels
  • Why You Should Not Take Study Loans!
  • What Is The Most Efficient Method Of Studying In Modern Day Learning?
  • The Growth Of Social Media Has Improved Student Interactions
  • How Can We Improve The State Of Education In Developing Countries?
  • Should The Government Improve Teachers’ Salaries To Improve The Quality Of Teaching?
  • How Can Students Improve Their Overall Academic Grade?
  • Why Should We Introduce The Use Of Online Resources In Class?
  • How Can We Reduce The Levels Of Illiterate Men And Women In Society

Research Paper Topics Touching On A Variety Of Issues

There are also different research paper topics which talk about general issues. Here, you’ll find those such as:

  • The Reasons Behind The Rise In Globalization
  • Why Has The World Of Movies And Music Become So Popular?
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying A Pet
  • How Do Persons With Disability Suffer In The Country?
  • Has The Rate Of Infant Deaths Risen Or Decreased With The Last Couple Of Years?
  • Impact Of Female Genital Mutilation In African States!
  • Reasons Behind The Rise In Global Tourism Across The World
  • How Can You Identify The Best Land For Farming?
  • How Has Terrorism Affected Our Young Generation?
  • Role Of Social Media In Causing Insecurity Within The Country
  • How Has Technology Changed How Modern Day Governments Are Run?
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization
  • Reasons Why Having An Animal Companion Relieves Stress
  • Which Are The Best Websites To Sell Your Products Online?
  • How Will Different Economies Be Affected By BREXIT?
  • What Led To The Growth Of The European Union?
  • Factors Which Led The United States To Full Independence!
  • What Was The Main Reason Behind The Formation Of The League Of Nations?
  • Why Are Parents Today Not Physically ‘Disciplining’ Their Children
  • Failures And Achievements Of The United Nations
  • Why Is Raising A Boy Child Considered More Financially Wise As Compared To Raising The Girl Child?
  • Why Are People Criticising The Presidency Of Donald Trump?
  • How Will UK’s Exit From The European Union Affect International Trade
  • Factors Which You Should Consider Before Building Your Family Home?
  • How Can We Improve Food Security In Dessert Countries
  • Why Are There So Many Cases Of Indiscipline In High Schools Today?
  • Importance Of Face To Face Communication In Business
  • How To Negotiate The Best Business Deals In A Tight Economy
  • Which Are The Best Stress Management Methods?
  • Why Are So Many People Buying Pets Today?


Do you have all the research paper topics needed for your overall learning experience? If not, the above problems should greatly suit your academic needs. Go through them carefully, and you’ll soon become an expert essay writer!