Sexual Harassment Thesis

Sexual Harassment Thesis

Most of you will have a need to write an essay regarding sexual harassment at some point. When you do, you will need a sexual harassment thesis statement. It is a simple and important part of each essay, especially this kind and it has a huge effect on the end result. Now, we will provide you the information you actually need and can implement into your new thesis statement regarding sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment thesis statement: Basics

Thesis statement about sexual harassment is the base of your paper. It is the main idea which gives insight into the paper and provides the basic elements of what will be discussed and explained in that very paper. You need to use a thesis statement right to get the best idea for the essay and therefore maximize the end quality.

We can add that a thesis statement will be guided for creating an excellent essay. It is the main idea, which also links to the paths to provide the best possible essay. Think of it as the main sentences of your essay which will be used to form the rest of it.

As some of you already know, thesis statement on sexual harassment is direct. It addresses a specific topic and a specific problem. The topic can be literally anything related to this matter. Some examples include the severity of sexual harassment, why it happens, how to prevent it and etc. Writing the thesis statement is the first part of your project and it should be done with a lot of care.

Questions that will help you write a thesis about sexual harassment

If you are looking for the best thesis statement for this particular essay type, you will need to answer several questions. We will list all of them and explain which type of answers you need to get the best main idea for the essay. After that, you can start writing.

  1. Did you answer the main question?

In all cases, you will have a question that needs to be answered. Let's take an example, how severe sexual harassment is today? You need to consider answering the question to write a thesis statement. You want to include data, proofs and actual situations when and where sexual harassment occurred.

  1. Which position did you take?

In this case scenario, we can assume that sexual harassment is negative, therefore you will have the corresponding approach in your essay. You don't have or you shouldn't write about sexual harassment as a minor problem that can be easily solved. Instead, you need to consider your position or your opinion about the problem and present the arguments that support the claim. Strong arguments must be used if you want to have a perfect essay.

  1. Is your thesis direct or broad?

Statements about sexual harassment must be direct or specific. You can't write a thesis statement that is too broad that includes various different factors and elements you don't understand. Always focus on one problem, something like how many sexual harassment cases occur per year.

  1. Can a reader answer with so what?

If a reader starts reading your thesis statement or paper and he can literally answer as "so what'', you have a severe problem. This means that the paper itself isn't interesting enough and your arguments are vague. It is a major issue with most students and it should be solved as soon as possible. If that happens, check the arguments again and find stronger ones.

  1. Is your essay based on a thesis statement?

Here we have a tricky question. You can write an essay that isn't based on thesis statement. This is a mistake and it should be revised. Remember that a thesis statement is the foundation of your essay and as such, it must be linked to each element of the paper as much as possible. One trick - you can use it to repeat the thesis statement frequently in the essay and use it as a road map for writing the best possible paper.

  1. Did you answer how and why properly?

When a reader completes reading your thesis statement and your paper, and his first questions are why and how your thesis wasn't good. This simply means that the thesis statement is open-ended and you didn't provide the guidance you needed to provide for all readers. Before that happens, revise the thesis statement and your arguments to provide a complete answer to the problem. For example, if you are writing about a decrease in frequency of sexual harassment, you need to provide proof about that happening in the real world and how it was implemented.

Your thesis statement must be specific

Thesis statement for sexual harassment always must be as specific as possible. Do not write generic thesis statements due to the fact they will have a negative impact on the entire essay and eventually on the grade! A thesis statement is the main goal and as such it must be direct. Now we will help you with how you can write a specific thesis statement.

A thesis statement is specific when it addresses just one problem. For example, a thesis statement that sounds "Sexual harassment is a big issue for employees.'' isn't good. The thesis statement is too wide and it can cover millions of ideas. It is impossible to write an essay which isn't specific simply because you have a lot of information to include. Instead, you need a thesis statement like "Sexual harassment causes stress and psychological problems in 80% cases.''

With this example, you can see that your thesis statement is specific and you will address only to the problems sexual harassment causes. Now you can write an excellent essay that offers all valuable information and which can help you get the best possible grade. A sexual harassment thesis will be linked to just one problem and one question. Always write the most specific thesis statement you can think of and avoid broad terms and words that are generic. The best examples are culture, science, value, and society.

At this point, we must add that using jargon must not be done. There are several problems with this issue. The first one is, some of your readers won't understand the jargon used in thesis statement. This means they won't understand the thesis statement, won't understand essay and they will be unsatisfied. The only exception when you can use jargon is when specified or you are certain your readers will understand it. For now, it is better to avoid it.

The second problem with this matter is the complexity. Jargon terms are used to make a sentence sound cool and different. When you write a thesis statement for sexual harassment essay you need elegant and well-thoughts sentences. In other terms, jargon will make your thesis statement look ordinary and basic.

Is your thesis statement too general?

A sexual harassment thesis statement is too general if or when you didn't address a specific matter. Let's take a look at the example.

"Sexual harassment occurs in women and men.''

First of all, you don't have an accurate and desirable thesis statement. You have just basic sentence which isn't sufficient to write an engaging essay. Then, the thesis statement is too broad and you can write about anything. For example, you write about when it occurs, why it occurs, the odds, the reasons, the side effects and etc.

A direct thesis statement for sexual harassment essay will sound something like:

"Sexual harassment occurs 70% more frequently among women than men. The underlying cause of it.''

As you can see the second thesis statement is direct, it addresses a specific problem and you can easily form an essay about it. It is much easier to write when you have a proper thesis statement and always make sure it is as specific as possible.

Words you need to avoid and you need to use

When writing a new thesis statement we usually tend to use simple words. A thesis statement about sexual harassment must not use words that decrease the value and make you look suspicious about your paper. In essence, you need to avoid some words and use others. Let's take a closer look.

Words you need to avoid:

  • But
  • Negative
  • Society
  • Usual
  • Difficult
  • So
  • For
  • And
  • Yet
  • Suspicious
  • May
  • Might
  • Could

Words you need to use:

  • Because
  • Should
  • Must
  • Although
  • Do
  • Does
  • Want

If you take another look at both type of words you can see one major difference. All the words you must not use are indirect and they are used when you don't know precisely what you want to say. For instance, you can say "I don't like cars but…''. In that case, you are not certain and it looks like someone can change your opinion. This is the main reason why those words should be avoided while writing a thesis statement.

The second section is about the words you need to use when writing thesis statement on sexual harassment. We can say they are a strong word that will have the same effect on your thesis. They make the entire paper sound more professional, more direct and they can help you get better comments. The bottom line is actually simple. Always avoid using vague and weak words and replace them with strong ones. Your thesis statement must be specific and strong. You have a strong opinion or belief about something and you want to prove why this is the case.

Additional points to keep in mind

When writing a new thesis about sexual harassment you need to be original. For some students, this means they will have to write something obvious or to simplify the main idea. As you would expect, this is a mistake. Now we will take a closer look at several key points which need to be implemented to your new thesis statement.

Do not declare the topic

If you provide a statements about sexual harassment which is basically the explanation of what you will do in the essay, you have a poor thesis statement. The best example is:

"In this paper, I will explain why sexual harassment occurs.''

As you can see the thesis statement is too obvious and it shouldn't be used. For readers, it looks like a poor writing capability. Instead, you need to use a thesis statement that sounds:

"The biggest problem in men that forces them to sexually harass their colleagues.''

Not only the second thesis statement sounds much better, but it also adds value to your paper. It is appealing for the readers and it will force them to read the entire essay.

Avoid simplifying the issues

A decent thesis statement for sexual harassment must be complex in a beautiful way. The example is the following:

"We must stop sexual harassment.''

It is obviously a bad thing that happens to some people and there are no advantages to it. Of course, we must prevent it. There is no need to use this thesis statement simply because it is so obvious and so simple. Instead, use:

"Because sexual harassment causes severe psychological problems we must find a way to prevent it.”

You want to add a trace of mystery in your thesis just to intrigue the readers.

Final words

Sexual harassment thesis must be specific and address just one problem. You must use strong words that will make the entire essay sound strong and confident. Avoid using words that mine your opinion and which can make the entire essay sound poor. Always make a thesis statement interesting and appealing for you and your readers. Form the entire essay on the thesis statement and use strong arguments. It is easier than it sounds.