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We observe that "write me an essay" services are increasingly growing in popularity. The students get more and more interested to order to write essay online. Many professors and other people working in the education system don’t approve of a custom written essay. They think that a smart and industrious student who can write an essay him- or herself will never order any exterior assistance to write me an essay. What they see, however, is the effect of the “write me an essay” phenomenon and not the cause.

Still, the custom paper services are enjoying steady success, while any student has to opportunity to order to write an essay in seconds. Just some years ago, looking for a person to write me an essay was quite a task in itself. But now, it is no big deal. This is caused by the students growing ever more interested in a custom essay.

Why does this demand happen? Why do students even think to order to write essay? Let’s investigate.


The opponents of the "write me a paper" services claim that it not ethical of students to ask other people to write essay for them. They say that all students have to write all their tasks themselves: it is them who are learning to write after all. Nevertheless, the ethical issues are artificial (in a broad sense). Hence, they are always biased.

The actual reason for such snobbish understanding is to be found in these professors’ own student past. In those days of yore, there was much less possibility to order to write me an essay. They had much less written tasks to do. So, now they translate this situation into the present day. Obviously, it doesn’t work, because that the times have changed a great deal.

This raises the question: why do the students of today need custom writing?


To think that "write me a paper" companies more and more popular just because they are more available now would reveal narrow-mindedness. They who say so don’t see the difference between the effect and the cause. The demand is actually the cause, and the supply is the effect.

In the last century or so, the pedagogy scholars have developed the understanding that the main purpose of higher education is to teach the students to convey their thoughts in writing. It does look like a good thing to do. But what do we get in practice?

What we get is the exponential growth of written tasks in the curriculum. Poor students are bombarded with all these written assignments. Given this, you don’t have to be lazy or not-so-bright to require outside assistance to write me an essay.


Suppose, a student is bright and not lazy, but s/he just doesn’t have enough time to complete all the written assignments him- or herself. So, what to do if s/he still needs an A+ for this assignment? What would the most obvious solution to this problem?

That’s right, one has to seek assistance from someone else. Fortunately, we are happy to live in the age of information. The Internet makes our lives a lot easier in oh so many ways. So, the student in question can just google “write me my essay,” and gets dozens of search results to choose a custom writer from whom to order the essay.

However, you should already know that, given that you are here, at our website, where anyone is welcome to order a written assignment to get an A+. We are more than happy to be of assistance!

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